Top Definition
Most amazing girl ever
has the heart of an angel
with the looks to match
beautiful, funny, charismatic, smart, athletic,
sweet, gorgeous, hard worker, sexy
Can give you butterflies with just a smile,
makes you happy by just being in her presence,
extremely talented! (able to wink with both eyes)
Acts like a sweet, innocent, girl, but inside she has a

dirty side.
Can talk to her 24/7 and never get tired of being with her.

She's always on my mind and i never want that to change.
I love you Mel
Gosh I'm glad I can call Melinna mine (:

Wish Melinna could fully understand how much she means to me.
#beautiful #amazing #melina #melena #malina
by HappilyWithHer July 03, 2012
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