Melina is a tall, beautiful girl who can get anything she wants with a simple request. However, she does not use this to her advantage, she is very fair and kind. She is bronze, like gold and she is depicted like a god. Those who fall in love with her will always be loved back, if not with more passion because she loves all of those who can care for another person besides themselves. She has a lot on her mind though, she feels like she will never be good enough, for anyone.
I envy Melina, she is the perfect person.
by Tropicallamas December 21, 2015
The meaning of a great person who is pretty good in bed and verry hot,with a very outgoing personality and plus is also known as melina the great :]]
Yo man are you going to Melina's Party?"
"Yeahhh! BYOB party right?!"
by scottieahh April 15, 2008 sexy girl with curly hair, mad smokin hot hair
2.beautiful girl with great personality
3.brings happiness to peoples lifes
4.great artist with a hot body
5.leaves you speechless shes a melina
2.i wish i had a melina by me
by erik loid February 28, 2009
Very Beautiful Chick, Gorgous and Very Sexy .. Shes Very Depressed But Shes Beautiful She Cares For Her Bestfriend Melina Hates Many Liars That Cant Be Trusted
Melina Is Beautiful Such a Good Friend To Have
by Hannaga ufhuguygwgywf October 23, 2011
damn what a melina
by keemkong July 01, 2016
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