Melbourne in Australia - city incorporated (as a town, anyway) in 1842.
This is before 1892!
by Big Fella June 06, 2005
The best City in Australia. Voted the 2nd most livible city in the world. Has the best tap water in Australia. Where the Formula 1 is every year aswell as the Australia Tennis Open.

Located in the south of Australia in the state of Victoria.
Has a population of about 3,500,000.
by Dave August 25, 2003
An Australian city, which is envied by all Sydneysiders, because we have AFL, Australian Open, Grand Prix, Formula One, just recently hosted Commonwealth Games in 2006, Rove Live, Neighbours, and now the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, The Eureka Tower.
Girl - "Melbourne rocks"
Other Girl - "I know. Wayyyyy better than Sydney. pfft"
by Juzzzzz October 25, 2006
The fashion, events, food and wine, arts, shopping, financial, entertainment and style capital of Australia. Sports and street art capital of the world. The only thing it isn't is tourist capital- they flock to see the one piece of arhcitectural brilliance Sydney ever saw (which is now liek 50 years old)leaving Melbournians to live in the world's greatest and most liveable city in contentment.
The city is literally alive with all the biggest events in Australia. Commonwealth Games, Fashino Festival, Food Festival, Arts Festival, Grand Prix, Fringe Festival, World Swimming Champs, AFL Grand Final, Aus Open.
Best architecture in Australia- Royal Exhibiton Buildings, MCG, FLinder's St Station, Southern Cross Station, Eureka and Rialto, Fed Square and literally thousands of others. Read about them all in the book Design City: Melbourne. Now I don't think there's one of those for Sydney... Nor is there anything like the number of events, nor the quality of their food, fashion, arts or culture. But thats ok, they can all go to the beach all day and try not to get raped or mugged.
SydneySider1: Because of the immense lack of anything to do in this overcrowded, polluted, dangerous city, I'm going to the beach to escape the stifling heat that grips our city for most of the year.
SydneySider2: So true. We've seen the opera house and bridge so now there's really not much to do. If only we lived in Melbourne we could enjoy the fantastic array of things there are to do and see all year round.
by Gynto October 01, 2006
An awsum city in Australia with some of the best graff in the world! Best writers include Phibs, Rencs, Frost,Nurok, The WCA, RDC, FMC, 70K and CI crews, Mesk, Paris and Peril!
R.I.P Trance Oner!
Word up and mad props to Melburn city!
by bob mctowski December 20, 2004

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