An adjective to describe stuck-up people who:
- Think they're smarter than everyone else
- Drink too much coffee
- Prefer to watch sport than to play it
- Watch foreign movies and pretend to understand them
"That girl, she's so Melbourne."
by Big Fella May 28, 2005
Melbourne, Florida was incorporated before Melbourne, Australia. They are sister cities.

Melbourne is in Brevard County, the heart of Florida's Space Coast, near Kennedy Space Center. It is also the heart of surfing on the East Coast of the United States. Melbourne is just south of Cocoa Beach, home of the famous Easter Surf Contest.

This is a city with some growing pains, as it moves from being a largish town to becomming a city. Property values have recently spiked dramatically, and the bargain prices that once existed are long gone.
Melbourne, Florida was incorporated in 1892 and is the sister city to the city of the same name in Oz.
by Wes Town Resident April 06, 2005
An insignificant Australian city which suffers from delusions of grandeur.Mistakes the wearing of black skivies as an expression of fashion. Believes that gloomy lane-ways are architectural delights & thinks Lloyd-Webber musicals are high art
Can you believe how much better than other Australians we Melbourne people really are? But we're not stuck-up like Sydney people.
by Bubblequeen October 27, 2006
The sad capital of Australia...Is Melbourne!! No one that lives there is happy.

Person 1: Hey, that urban dictionary definition was a load of shit! That person over there looks happy!

Person 2: Bet their not from Melbourne...

Person 1: BET they are!!!!

Person 3 (randam person they are talking about): excuse me (smiles) could you please tell me where Flinders street is (smiles)???

Person 1 and 2: No (keeps walking all sad and emo looking!!!)
by Harry Space age April 11, 2007
A hole, it has many good things but they are far outweighed by the bad things.
say sydneysiders are stuck up yet call themselves more "cultured" than Sydney, also lots of gang warfare
1st guy"Im going to Melbourne this weekend"

2nd guy" oh i feel sorry for you"
by uneven martian August 27, 2005
Melboure is a country in the state of victoria it is much worse than sydney and is considered to be a hole

Synonyms: Hole
Family Driving to melbourne.

Kid:Are we there yet
Father:Nearly Son about 2 minuets

2 minuets later

Mother: ah holy shit we have fallen into a hole!!!!!!!!!!!
by bob parker smeelsk February 13, 2007
a cheap version of sydney
man this place is worse than melbourne
by scott January 27, 2005
Melbourne is home to the F1 and arial ping-pong. City is very dull in terms of architecture. A poor version of Sydney. Sydney is now ranked higher in the quality of life scale for cities around the world. Will always live in the shadows of Sydney.
AFL is only played in Melbourne, what a fucking excuse for a sport.

Melbournians think they are the shit.


What the fuck is there to do in Melbourne?
by Matt April 12, 2005
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