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melanie or mel enjoys being anled and shoveling horse shit. her new thing is blumkin
" that girl always melanies"
by yourbestmotherfuckingfriend October 18, 2011
A bit of an easygoing person, tends to sit on guys knees and try to get one on one attention, acts out for attention as she doesnt get enough. Constantly needing reassurance and compliments to feed her bravado, but inside is a very very weak person. All in all a very beautiful soul. But has a few unresolved issues
"oh my god look at that sad excuse of a woman over there, shes a pure wreck"

"lest go its just the usual Melanie "

" im sure she needs therapy"
by crunchtime March 30, 2010
She is flicker. She is flame. She illuminates her flammable name. The sun rises through her pubic hair, torching the sense and sensibility of the world. One is lost and found, saved and drowned in the circle of her arms and the wellspring of her eyes. A damn-ed imp. That which animates.
Running around one day, she pulled a flaming Melanie. Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!
by Chrisopher February 05, 2010
An often needy individual, one who has a sweet tooth, only interested in oneself, annoying greetings ie Hiya
by BellaC February 04, 2010
Someone who is always showing off, running around, doing this and that and thinking all eyes are on her. Often pink in colour and speaks with a french accent.
Betty: "see that girl over there?"
Pig: "you mean the pink one who's running around?"
Betty: "yeah, she's Melanie. She does this and that"
by Cochon_eater February 03, 2010
A unique animal, the Melanie is a stereotypically ignorant, selfish bitch with little to no cleavage. Complains about random crap all the time, has dandruff in her hair, and is as pale as death. This type of girl suffers from Unending Virginity Syndrome (UVS), which causes her vagina to shrivel up and decompose. At all costs, stay away from Mels, they'll try to suck your cock at all costs and cure themselves of UVS.
"That girl over there is such a Melanie, I can smell her stench from a mile away!"

"Jennifer is such a Melanie, she should at least try to wash her hair once in while!"

"Watch your cock, there's a Melanie coming up this way, and she's yearnin' for some good lickin'!"
by FFJJBB March 02, 2010
a popcorn rapist
man that Melanie just raped my popcorn
by ADCT January 07, 2009
Greek name meaning: dark, dark-skinned, dark-heart, dark-spirit.

Generally a hateful, spiteful, revengeful person. Incapable of love. Looks for the easy way in life. Susceptible to scam-artist jobs, promiscuous affairs, and drug abuse.

Most common nickname= Mel from Hell
If Satan took a wife, her name would be Melanie.
by harmonica6 February 04, 2010