melanie or mel enjoys being anled and shoveling horse shit. her new thing is blumkin
" that girl always melanies"
by yourbestmotherfuckingfriend October 18, 2011
A rare breed of Australian galah. Likely to do very well in the Big Brother competition, getting to at least the top five.
"Man I thought Stacey would do better in Big Brother, she's such a Melanie!"
by Artistory November 06, 2012
Cookie Cutter
Gee Melanie is such a flippin cookie cutter
by rickenjamerz May 14, 2012
A generally nice person with pretty eyes and crazy hair. Obsessed with video games. Be careful because she can be known to stab you in the back.
Oh my god she's such a melanie
by clive789 April 13, 2011
A dirty nasty whore. One of the nastiest whores in the universe.
Melanie had sex with over ten thousand men and contracted every std and strain of std known to human kind.
by Hawn Gnarley August 18, 2014
a female given name. an extreme tease and an excessive time waster. melanies will often say one thing and do another and make promises having absolutely no intention of delivering on them.
first guy: man i can't believe i asked that girl out six times and got no positive results. i really liked her.

second guy: sound like you were dealing with a melanie
by anonymous man152 January 25, 2011
It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Melanie is "black, dark" That is why she acts like she is some black chick from the ghetto with a ghetto ass and can dance like a black chick when really she is a skinny white virgin. Melanie can be great friends but they are usually an attention seeking whore, she'll go out of her way to complain of fake illnesses. She'll even make up her own diseases to become the center of attention, then she'll pretend like she doesn't want the attention. She thinks her life is horrible, although she's spoiled and her parents give her everything she wants when she wants it. She'll lead ugly guys on to make it seem like guys actually want her, when really they just want a one night stand. With the lights off obviously because Melanie tends to be ugly. Warning, this chick is a crazy bitch. She will tell you that she is ugly and fat when really she's a pretty and skinny female who just made herself look ugly with her stupid ass attention seeking ways. Melanie can be usually found sitting on guys laps or running around screaming to catch guys attention.
Anna: Omg Daniella, I just saw Melanie today with your man
Daniella: No way! That bitch better back the fuck away from my boyfriend or I'll drop her
Anna: She's such a skank...
by drpeppers October 23, 2011

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