Secret Nazi who has a church on his property and worships Grey Goose. Prefers women with sugar-tits.
"Hi, I'm Mel Gibson and I'm an alcoholic."
#alcoholism #drunk #nazi #grey goose #vodka
by Juicalicious April 26, 2010
Goddamn fucking cuckoo
"Jesus, how I love ya how I love ya Jesus"

"How dare you call me crazy?! This means war!!!"


"When you're a clowwwwwnnnn, nobody takes you seriouslllllyyyyy"

by Lowtax November 11, 2004
When you go ape shit on your girl/wife, pretty much anyone can be inserted when you go Mel Gibson on some poor "cunt's" ass
I almost went mel gibson on that bitch but I chilled mysekf out and went and got stoned
#mel gibson #mel gibsoned #gibsoned #mel-ed. mel gib #mel mel
by jjcv78 July 28, 2010
I want to thank you for all the blessings you have brought me.
You give me strength when there is doubt, and I praise you for all you have done.
Only you, Mel Gibson, have had the wisdom and the courage to show the world the truth.
Hail Mel Gibson. Amen.
I'm ready. I'm ready to do thy bidding, Mel Gibson.
#mel gibson #jesus christ #god #passion #producer #director
by VulcanJew February 10, 2008
A great friend to the jewish people. As much has been proved under the influence of an extremely potent truth drug.
Mel Gibson: Fucking Jews...The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

#dickhead #asswipe #racist #nazi #anti-semite
by vaiz August 01, 2006
v: (mel gibson-ed, mel gibson-s, mel gibson-ing) to melt down; to reduce or cause to be reduced any appearance of sanity, especially in some public way.
OMG, that postal worker totally mel gibsoned and killed everybody.

My powerbook mel gibsoned and caught my couch on fire.
#crazy #melt down #going postal #sanity #sane
by ran187 August 06, 2006
old skool anti-semite
You kike!
What did you call me?
Jesus killer!
No need to get all Mel Gibson on me, shit.
by moogie March 01, 2004
"Actor" and director, full name Mellicent Religiosus No Sodomites Please I'm Catholic Gibson, who was born in New York State and made it big in Australia playing a former cop who becomes a hero for a lot of post-Apocalyptic Aussies when you can tell by the look on his face that all he wanted was a Fosters. Often described as anti-Semitic (Jew-hating), and he may very well be ... on a bad day he gives the Jews about one percent of the venom and bile that he reserves for gays. The most consistently homophobic major director of the last twenty years. You don't believe me? Just watch Braveheart, for Chrissakes. Speaking of which, The Passion of the Christ would do as well.

Having said that, he really does have a cute ass.
Quotes from Mel Gibson:

And tell the English ... that they may TAKE our LIEEVES ... but thay'll NEVAHR ... get theer HONDS ... AP oor KELTS!!
- Braveheart (Director's Cut)

Umm ... yes, well, it's a matter of fact that my grandfather was homosexual, and so was that teacher in remedial English that kept giving me detention, and Pontius Pilate, and Satan, and all those guys from South Africa who dumped on the niggers, hey, one of my best buddies was black, you know, and all those Orthodox Jews were homosexual too, and so are the Reform movement, and there are a lot of them out by Alice Springs and Coober Pedy, and I think Martin Luther was homosexual too, yeah, and ...,
- confidentially leaked interview

Danny, c-mere, stick my shoulder joint back in the socket, I'm too pooped, just don't, y'know, get too close, man ...,
- Lethal Weapon 2, Director's Cut

I only hate the Jews when I'm drunk.
- confidentially leaked interview
#aussie #mad max #drunk #homophobe #jew #find jesus #blood #guts #agony #freedom #catholic #fear #loathing #redemption #white picket fence #hollywood #maverick #lord of the flies
by Fearman December 15, 2007
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