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Awesome friend, but can be a bitch. Acts like she is the prettiest person around. Gets good grades and loves softball and gymnastics. Has many skanky girl followers.
Girl:Hey your kinda being a Mekayla
Other girl: Is that bad?
by Himynameis----gotcha October 23, 2011
The girl that everyone wants but no one can have. Pretty, good grades, and yet she doesnt think highly of herself. Sexy, definetly NOT a flirt, Loud, Outgoing, MY BESTIE <3
Damn, that girl is a Mekayla.
She is my Mekayla.
by My What A What? March 02, 2009

A girl who is sexy, classy, but also goofy at the same time. Usually found with her head in the clouds, can be a loner, but people want to be her friend. Sometimes emotional, but they have good reasons. Pretty, fun to be with, sassy and is very lovable. Can be a bitch, but you shouldn't test her. She may like a lot of guys (or vice versa), but when she meets that one guy, she's sold. People mistake her for a flirt and sexual, but she's just herself. A Mekayla is definitely someone you can't live without. Many girls may not like her, but they don't matter
Hey, that girl's strive is good!

She's def. a Mekayla
by Meccaaaaa December 12, 2013
bitch ass skank, who has many std's from her sexual experiences with girls.

A girl who tries to get with peoples boyfriends even when she is rejected!

Mekayla Ann.
by kaytlyn. December 10, 2008