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You can pretty much replace any word with this word.
Dude I can see your mehmer, because you're wearing sweatpants.
by nipplin November 25, 2009
A term used for an extremely annoying person, often with strange hair and/or weird habits of placing their hands behind their back.

Can also be used as a verb; to "Mehm" something is usually to fuck something up majorly.
Wow that kid is soooo annoying!
He must be a Mehm

(after ruining the punchline of a good joke)
You stupid little fuck! Way to Mehm my joke...
by mehminator November 28, 2009
mom, mum, mother, etc.
example 1: "I love you mehm"

example two: "sorry dude, my mehm won't let me go"
by minu1996 May 29, 2011