A random word when people either don't know what to say, don't care, can't answer a question or are too drunk to form a coherent english phrase.
-Are you gonna come with us on saturday?
by Kt July 10, 2003
Saying "meh" is like saying, whatever. It never has an actual meaning, people just say it because they're too damn lazy to move their lips for christ's sake.
Hot Blond:Wanna go have sex sweetie?
Blond: whats that mean?
Guy: Meh
Blond: YES OR NO
Guy: meh
Blond: im sick of you, bye!
Guy: meh.
by pwned joo January 09, 2008
an idea beyond any rational thought or definition
no specific definition but easily recognised by anyone
a:what exactly does "meh" mean now?
a:... wisdom beyond definition
by Vandor the Wanderor August 22, 2006
couldn't care less
why are you telling me this
please let me die of boredam
note if meh has a question mark at the end of it it means so? or and?
p1: i love you
p2: meh?

p1: you're a kablipsplip
p2: meh
by Chris Malla February 21, 2006
can be used when the question asked does not deserve a response or if you are 2 lazy to think of an answer or when u just dont care
"so, howsit goin?"
by axe2005 November 16, 2005
A very sexy way to say "Me".
Person 1: "Dontcha just love meh?"
Person 2: "You bet I do, hott stuff."
by TINAA October 04, 2005
noun. the sound accompanying the be-littlement of another's errors / perceived achievements in a certain field. To react smugly.
"I got 99% in my maths angles exam."
"I got 100%....Meh"
by Gareth Davies May 14, 2005
What Griffin says when he is lonely.
ME:Hey Griffin I heard you got dumped!
by Will Wadsworth May 02, 2005

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