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A random and pointless pet name originally created by some crazy cousin. Meg- is the only derivative of this word that makes any sense since the pet name is used to describe ones favorite cousin named Meghan. The influence of drugs/brain damage may have attributed to the original creation of this pet name. Prepare to exercise caution while in the presence of a chupacabra (* see Chupacabra for more information) and if one becomes irritated after using the pet name please eat a chocolate chip muffin and pray my lanta that the chupacabra won't suck your blood dry.
"Wow, Meghalin Beatrice, I think that we might run into a fictional goat sucking creature later this afternoon. Lets use extra precaution and go to Tim Hortons' for a chocolate chip muffin."
by 7WMK0 February 06, 2009