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A woman/man who works behind the bar in a strip club and regularly masterbates over the strippers.
Man: I once had a girlfriend, she was a megawhore. She'd come back from work so wet, I could collect her fadge juice in a cup and use is as lube for the serious buggeration she recieved afterwards.

Woman: My husband is a megawhore, he loves his job an awful lot. God knows what he gets up to.
by PatrickWolf July 24, 2009
A girl who is unfaithful, untrustworthy, and a complete waste of your time. a girl who is an easy lay, a girl who cheats, a girl who is pretty and manipulative, a girl who needs a life, and a girl recently fucked over and wants to use you as a rebound guy.
i.e. girls named megan(sometimes with bestfriends named selena, nikki, or taylor)
John:Im a virgin
Megan:We can fuck on valentines day even if i have a boyfriend...
Boyfriend:i guess you didnt change, Megawhore...
by jermface, jerm, or boyfriend February 12, 2009
A Mega Whore is a person who has sex with a lot of people.
Like more than a thousand or so.
My friend Megan is such a Mega Whore she will fuck anything with 2 or less legs. and totally fuck up your life.
by coot9000 January 02, 2011