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A female who hates to be confused with a "lady." A strong-minded woman who understands when something needs to be accomplished and will go above and beyond to get the job done. Awkward around other females because she doesn't share the same affinity for shopping or shoes or clothes. Loves working on cars and spending time with good friends. Pretends to be fine when really she is dying inside. Hates her outward appearance, has a hard time accepting compliments, cares deeply about her friends' welfare.
One of the guys, because she holds the key to understanding women, a male mentality wrapped inside a woman's mind.
Sailor 1: Megan is the exception that proves the rule, right?

Sailor 2: Yeah, I like hanging out with her, she's great. She's one of the guys, you know?
by thesharpiebandit February 06, 2010
A person who loves Harry Potter and hates Twilight. She is obsessed with bubble wrap, and knows how to make glow in the dark bubbles. She is a ninja, and frequently does ninja rolls throughout her house. Her favorite food is dinosaur chicken nuggets, and likes to play with them before she eats them. She is a full time Waldo hunter, and believes that she will be the one to actually find him one day. She is a believer of unicorns and narwhals. One day, she will rule the world.
Pete: Who is Megan?
Mark: She is the one who will find Waldo.
Pete: That's impressive.
by ninjaassassinbabyyy February 21, 2012
The best friend someone could ever have. SO hilarious. She has the best smile and sometimes acts "blonde". She is always there for you when you need someone. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She is super sweet. She is really crazy and amazing in her own special way.
#1: Hey megan!
#2: whats up home skillet!!!
#3: lol
by fresh56382975 January 07, 2012
A sexy, cute and funny girl. Has a big ass ! damn xD Loves dick ! and loves sex. Is an amazing kisser ! Has brown hair & brown eyes. Also, is very crazy and knows how to party. Will succeed in life and live happily ever after with who she is with. She will never give up and always try her best. Has alot of friends and gets along great with alot of people ! yeah thats a megan for ya, you should get one or deff hit them up !
Yo that girl Megan is hot & has a nice ass ! Im gonna hit her up (:
by Sexybooyy March 20, 2012
a hyperactive girl who doesn't give a shit what others think. An amazing friend who although brunette, can act blond and constantly gets herself caught in silly situations, always finding new cuts and knacks from her wild nights out. Has been known to be shit at racing games and get stuck on roofs.
Person 1 :"Why is that girl sitting in the middle of the floor crying"
person 2 "i think shes lost her camera "
person 1 "you mean the one thats in her bag?"
person 2 " she must be a megan..."
by Lunchboxyhoe-bo June 22, 2010
An incredible friend, probably the most incredibly one you will ever have. She understands you as no one else can. She lets you totally be yourself around her, and it always makes her laugh. She is slightly shy, but once you get through her shell she'll really open up to you, and she becomes the person you most like to talk to. At times she is a klutz, or just plain crazy. But this makes you like her even more. She is unpredictable, but she won't ever do a thing to hurt you. She has an amazing body, and is very active. She somehow happens to be just what you are looking for that way. She has beautiful blue eyes that are more beautiful than anything else you have ever seen. She is organized, smart, and put together. She knows where her life is going and has an intense determination to get there. She is that person that you are most happy is in your life, the person that you never want to leave. She is just what you are looking for, and feels the same way about you. She is a GREAT match!
My girlfriend is a genuine Megan.
by livetooski March 29, 2011
megan is amazing, random, crazy, but can be bossy and stubborn at times. she can cheer anyone up and is small and cute. megan is a great friend to have and you are very lucky to be one of hers. but you dont wanna get on her bad side, then it WILL get nasty. but her friends can overlook that as she has a very short temper. if you know a megan, keep her, it will be the best thing to do.
by megan's friend June 29, 2012