Sometimes dosent know when to shut up and can be a whore who will act all inocent but her inner skank will show
A megan is skanky, and a whore and will never know how to be real
by Megan... November 23, 2014
Slang term for psilocybin mushrooms.
I had the best trip of my life last night after i took some megans.
by Mushroom eater December 06, 2011
One word; CRAP. If you wanted to use some more words you could say, CRAP IN A CAN or CRAP, MY DOG JUST SHITTED ON MY FACE.
Megan, it smells like bootay sweat.
by Lilyab Crabbitt May 28, 2011
Megan is a bitch and she's wayyy too loud, she needs to calm the fuck down. She fucks every guy in town and everyone knows her as the whore with the big ass. She's also very dumb and uses no common sense.
Did you hear about the new guy Megan fucked last night?
Megan's such a bitch!!
by lissafrank January 02, 2015
Megans have many secrets to hide that are hard to tell. They try to find a way to let their friends know what is going on.
Megans usually have amazingly beautiful eyes (blue or green). One could get lost in her eyes forever, and never want to escape.
Even if they are going through a hard time, Megans will always lend a helping hand and will listen to your troubles and/or problems.
They dispise drama, but sometimes find a way of getting sucked into it.

Megans are beautiful on the inside and out, yet never really realize their true beauty.
Melissa: Megan, you look great today!
Megan: ...No I don't. *sigh*
by gottchess December 27, 2009
The exact opposite of a vegan.

Actually considers it to be morally and ethically wrong to kill a plant or anything else that sprouted out of the earth. They will often refer to vegans as "seed slayers" and "Carrot killers"
Sydney: hey baby, want some tofu parmesean?
Daniel: Nooo way, you wont tempt me with your rotted plant flesh, I'm a Megan! Do you realize how many rainforests have to be chopped down to produce those tofu fields?

by DImberman May 25, 2008
Slut that sleeps with her close friends' boyfriends & tries to shack up with their husbands. Has rat like teeth that can easily tear into anything. Eats and thinks about food 24/7. Jealous bitch that needs to hop back on the moral train. In reality she looks like something that escaped from a horror movie. Horrible friend that will do anything to try to stab you in the back to make herself feel better at the end of the day. Dishonest, self centered, sac of crap. A woman who doesn't love herself & feels the need to get in bed with her neighbor’s man to build up her own self-esteem.She's selfish, shallow, immature, and lacks the capacity to be a true friend.
Don't be a MEGAN!
by lol@yourlife January 21, 2015
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