Megan is a self centered bitch. She usually is found stealing others dates and hanging all over any guys. She is usually fat and ugly and hates anyone that talks to her "boyfriends". But be careful not to date her because Megan often is found effing some other guy even when she is dating someone.
whore slut bitch cheater stealer liar

Girl: omg! that girl is ALL over my date!
Girl 2: wow! she is such a Megan

Person 1: Damn I fucked this total gernade last nite
Person 2: Oh man, what a Megan!
by steveb1695 June 24, 2011
Megan is slang for a Mexican walrus. Despite being Mexican, she surprisingly has no sombrero and hasn't eaten a taco in a year. She can never go around without a salsa in her backpack. Megan's laugh resembles that of a dying seal, and always posts random things on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. She's basically a modern Dora without the talking map and weird purple backpack guy who talks like he's on meth. Megan also likes to eat corn while look at the beautiful landscape.
Megan loves corn on the cob.
Megan also has a love for giraffes that can do shotty magic tricks.
by thatonemagiciankid February 23, 2015
When you first meet her, she might be a little intimidating but after you get to know her, she's the chillest and nicest person in the world. She tends to speak her mind and not care what peope think of her. She's only a bitch when she needs to be. You can't win an arguement with a Megan. She stays single, she doesn't like to worry about boys because she has better things to do. She's easy to fall in love with but it's hard to get her to fall in love with you but once you get her, keep her, because she's a keeper. Fuck her over once and she's gone forever. She's most defenitely a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. Megan isn't bossy, she's the boss.
Person 1: she's super cool!
Person 2: must be a Megan!!
by themfgreatest March 10, 2015
a female who is very caring and forgiving. likes to pick small fights. likes to spend money. lives or wants to live in Cali. she is somewhat romantic.
Some days I wish I could be as romantic as Megan.
by meganlikesthecolorpurple February 19, 2015
One of the sweetest people who you will ever meet. Someone who is named Megan has one of the most amazing personalities that is over the moon happy. Megan is small but has a large heart and is someone who is emotional, yet a great friend when you need a shoulder to cry on.
Person 1:"I met this girl and she was really nice "
Person 2:"really what was her name?"
Person 3:"Megan!"
by thekoolcat January 24, 2015
a bitch
Megan is a bitch
by cockmeatmcfatty March 13, 2015
a very nasty bitch. she can be an amazing friend but she can hurt you. she is also racist to other people but she is fucking hilarious and everyone loves her. she has many boyfriends but she doesn't give two shits because she loves BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has very strict parents but they are kind and loving.
'Look at that beautiful bitch. she Must be a megan.'
by om123 January 22, 2015

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