More extreme version of meatatarian (alternate spelling: meagan).

A vegetarian doesn't eat meat; a vegan eats only fruits and vegetables.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, a meatarian wants meat in every meal; a meagan not only wants meat in every meal, but avoids the veggies altogether.
We have a really hard time having dinner together, because I'm a vegetarian and she's megan, so she doesn't like anything I want to eat!
by my name is Cos May 24, 2008
Megan is a very beautiful girl she is there thick or thin she is never rude purposely she tries very hard to make everyone happy she a girl with eyes that can make you melt and if youleave her without any reason why she'll be broken but will fix herself and help others
If you broke up with Megan your an idiot but one can know unless you've lost her I speak from experience.
Girl: I wish I was friends with Megan

Ex bf:i wish I was back together with Megan

Nice guy: I'm going to ask Megan out
by Rainbowmanarm September 04, 2015
Megan. When you see a girl named Megan, you do not completely reject it. You don't know if she's a nice person, but if you happen to approach her, you find that she is insecure. Shy, sweet. The more you know here, the prettier she gets. She's a loner, but secretly longs for faithful friends. Her ideal boyfriend would be shy, geeky, and sweet. Like her. She doesn't care about looks, and sometimes can be a total loser. But if you see only that, you are sadly mistaken. She's out of the ordinary, funny as a friend, and fights for her rights.
The ideal pseudonym for Megan is “nerdquirks”, but she's sweeter than you think.
by elsewhereinabox February 20, 2015
Megan is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet. She is always kind and funny. Megan is the bestest friend you could ever ask for.
Megan is so nice.
Ya. She is my bestie.
by CharlieAdams9 January 06, 2016
A girl who usually has auburn/brunette hair and amazing hazel/blue eyes that you can stare into for hours on end. She'll always deny any compliments paid to her. She's completely crazy and random but a great friend and always there when you need her the most. She's the first person you can talk to if you need to get something off your chest but she bottles her own feelings up inside. She embarresses herself nearly all of the time. Granted, she can be stubborn and would rather be single than in a relationship but maybe, if she finds that one amazing guy who captures her heart, she'll fall for him.
Person one: "Megan, you look great!
Megan: "Yeah, right..."
by WhoSaidIWasAmazing?Oh... April 02, 2012
'Megan' is a Welsh name for 'Pear'. Megan is used for beautiful babies that are definitely going to have a good job, good partner and children. They are thoughtful and have an amazing imagination. They are extremely beautiful inside and out but are shy and insecure people. She would have grew up into a wealthy family. Most Megan's (not all) Have the parents names of: Male| Mark , Shaun , Paul , Chris , Tim . Female| Claire , Lisa , Indianna , Tracey , Mary , Victoria , Becky.
''Megan please make sure you pick up these''
by l3eeeaaa September 04, 2015
a sexually frustrated girl, that wants bare sex all the time. often she entices her lover by ringing a bell, that is specifically designed to inform her partner she is 'gagging for it'.
wow babe, you're really horny tonight, you are so megan!
by thedefintiongaldem February 13, 2011
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