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Something/somebody so overly and beyond awkward that its creepy and scary.
Oh my god, that chick is so megan...
by cuban10101 June 29, 2011
Megan is a self centered bitch. She usually is found stealing others dates and hanging all over any guys. She is usually fat and ugly and hates anyone that talks to her "boyfriends". But be careful not to date her because Megan often is found effing some other guy even when she is dating someone.
whore slut bitch cheater stealer liar

Girl: omg! that girl is ALL over my date!
Girl 2: wow! she is such a Megan

Person 1: Damn I fucked this total gernade last nite
Person 2: Oh man, what a Megan!
by steveb1695 June 24, 2011
More extreme version of meatatarian (alternate spelling: meagan).

A vegetarian doesn't eat meat; a vegan eats only fruits and vegetables.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, a meatarian wants meat in every meal; a meagan not only wants meat in every meal, but avoids the veggies altogether.
We have a really hard time having dinner together, because I'm a vegetarian and she's megan, so she doesn't like anything I want to eat!
by my name is Cos May 24, 2008
A Girl with beautiful hair and an even better personality. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and the truest friend you could ever have. She is beautiful, but will never believe you when you tell her. She loves animals especially dogs. Surprisingly dirty minded. Loves games...mostly cards against humanity. (So. Much. Fun.) An amazing person and the most accepting and understanding person you will ever meet.
Megan is my best friend ever. She is so awesome!
by carrieneedsasnickers June 28, 2014
One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, has a really big heart and is always here for you no matter what. She will make you smile and make you laugh. Megan isn't the type of person to hurt someones feelings but doesn't like being hurt herself. She's one of the most honest people ever and will never betray you.
"omfg Megan's such an amazing friend"
The most amazing girl in the world. She the most beautiful girl that has ever existed and makes her boyfriend feel like the most lucky guy in the world. She has beautiful blue eyes where one could get lost in for a lifetime and her smile lights up a whole room. Megan can put butterflies in anyone's stomach. She writes the sweetest and cutest notes. She makes you wish that you could talk to her every second and never leave her side. She is athletic and is supportive. When you feel sad, she knows just what to say to make you feel better. She gives the best hugs ever. And most of all, she's the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.
Boy: Man, I'm so blessed to have Megan as my girlfriend. I never want anyone else!
by HiMyNameIsCollin April 20, 2013
A person who only eats meat.
Person 1: "Hey I'm Vegan!"
Person 2: "Hey I'm Megan!"
by Max Hi April 22, 2008