Megan. No not Meghan. Megan. She is honestly the cutest girl ever. She's not into social media but she doesn't need Instagram to show off her good looks and hipster chic style. Her waves of hair seem to dance in the wind as she walks your way. Best attribute about this girl... She's a believer. She will be there for you when you need her. Also her hilarious manner has everybody cracking up and she can probably form the best double chin in the city. She likes makes funny faces and talk in odd voices to lighten the mood. She is always prepared to be your best friend.
Justin - I wish I was with Megan
Gavin - Who's Megan?
Justin - that girl over there, laughing with her best friends
Gavin - woah.
by Mythicalmermaid April 06, 2015
One of the sweetest people who you will ever meet. Someone who is named Megan has one of the most amazing personalities that is over the moon happy. Megan is small but has a large heart and is someone who is emotional, yet a great friend when you need a shoulder to cry on.
Person 1:"I met this girl and she was really nice "
Person 2:"really what was her name?"
Person 3:"Megan!"
by thekoolcat January 24, 2015
Something/somebody so overly and beyond awkward that its creepy and scary.
Oh my god, that chick is so megan...
by cuban10101 June 29, 2011
Megan. When you see a girl named Megan, you do not completely reject it. You don't know if she's a nice person, but if you happen to approach her, you find that she is insecure. Shy, sweet. The more you know here, the prettier she gets. She's a loner, but secretly longs for faithful friends. Her ideal boyfriend would be shy, geeky, and sweet. Like her. She doesn't care about looks, and sometimes can be a total loser. But if you see only that, you are sadly mistaken. She's out of the ordinary, funny as a friend, and fights for her rights.
The ideal pseudonym for Megan is “nerdquirks”, but she's sweeter than you think.
by elsewhereinabox February 20, 2015
My girl by the Red River shores... Nothing else matters to me at the end of the day but her happiness. When I die, my spirit will rest with her ever after.
When my Megan lies on top of me, I feel complete. Nothing else matters.
by him27twentyseven October 25, 2014
Megan is slang for a Mexican walrus. Despite being Mexican, she surprisingly has no sombrero and hasn't eaten a taco in a year. She can never go around without a salsa in her backpack. Megan's laugh resembles that of a dying seal, and always posts random things on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. She's basically a modern Dora without the talking map and weird purple backpack guy who talks like he's on meth. Megan also likes to eat corn while look at the beautiful landscape.
Megan loves corn on the cob.
Megan also has a love for giraffes that can do shotty magic tricks.
by thatonemagiciankid February 23, 2015
"How about that ride in...."

Baddest bitches in the game who stick together like a wolf pack. A few are known as LEGENDS, while the others are known as: crazy bitches. We don't add new members, just the original 8 will do. We can out drink anyone, laugh at anyone and scream at anyone. Mess with one, Mess with ALL. Don't try to be us, it won't work out in your favor. What happens between or to the megans, stays between the megans. #nonewfriends
Megans: Come in wolf pack. "you can't sit with us"
by MEGANS May 14, 2015

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