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usually a small, witty, chipmunk resembling girl. May bite.
-Look at the chick! She's so small
-Dude I know she's such a megan.
by roxswain March 10, 2010
47 242
A complete bitch who will kick your ass if you get in her way.She will tell you the complete truth no matter how much it hurts and doesn't let words get to her.She is a very hardcore awsome person.Mess with her friends you'll get your ass sent in the hospital.She is very loyal and hates other people.She is usually very goth and hates guys with the name of Derrick,Zach,Chancey and Tom.Her best friends names are usually Jj,Jade and Kenzy.She also wants to be a prostitute when she grows up and her unlucky month is April 24.And shes very badass

and whenever you walk past her a little voice in ur head should scream SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Derrick:Hey Megan whats up?
Megan:Dont fucking talk to me!............Dickhead!
by veronicaisalesbo August 12, 2010
34 234
High maintance, a truly fashionista, a cool asian blond chick who cannot be foulted
Wow that girl is so Megan
I feel like Megan
I am so perfect I could be a Megan
How are you? I feel like Megan
by millebaciforyou March 16, 2010
19 239
fun outgoing.addicted to sex.=] smart.gorgeous. and veryy orgasmic. youll love her. opposite of skeezer..soo shes pretty cool and clean and not a slut.
by orgasmic Me. October 22, 2009
230 493
A girl who is not afriad to say whats on her mind. She is musically involved, smart, funny, and is beutiful. She can be a heart-breaker, so watch out! She does not believe in animal cruelty and usually is a vegitarian. Because of her abillity to give great advice, she is everyone's friend and everyone loves her. Also athletic.
Just ask Megan, she'll know what to do.
by jfmk March 07, 2009
284 680
small grimlin that runs around screeching and breaking things. a very annoying creature that fucks with everything. usually ends up crying and yelling. frequently seen attacking guidos and stealing their manhood.
dude, i think we have to call the exterminator...

why whats up?

I just saw a megan run down the hallway. i'm not fucking with it.

i say we move.
by Gerald Masterson November 11, 2009
171 635
Noun. Verb. Adjective.

A blonde who is always smiling and silently laughs at everything, including pain. She is the best friend a girl can have and is as crazy as a giant monkey ape in New York City on New Years Eve drinking vodka.
EX 1: She is such a megan. Rules do not exist in her world, only her rules which include doing whatever she wants like playing elevator tag in a hotel at 1 am even after the manager tells her to stop and threatens to call the cops.

EX 2: She is megan cool. She bought me the shoes i wanted forever for my birthday!

EX 3: During gym today, she meganed out. After this dude got pantsed, she would not stop laughing!!
by B.M.A. baby December 21, 2008
193 703