The most awesome, coolest, and loyal friend. She'd do anything to keep her friends happy, and would always stick by their side. She's hilarious, beautiful both inside and out, and is a great friend to keep.
You should be lucky to have a friend like Megan!
Oh I love Megan!

She's so cool!
She's the bestest friend ever!
by striderp September 25, 2011
She's a stubborn irish bitch. She is too obsessed with some shows. She believes that she is the best person on earth, but shes not. She is so two faced. We used to be friends, but im glad i got to see her true colors. Thankfully, now, we are not friends.
by DeliaJune August 15, 2011
A super bossy girl that complains a lot. Sometimes, she's really nice, but other times she's a complete bitch. She's mean to most people and doesn't have many true friends. She's really athletic and is a good runner. She's one of those people that is super skinny but calls herself fat.
That girl is so mean to everyone! She has like no friends because she pushes them all away. She must be a Megan.
by Bunny_Loves_Mama_Wolf March 06, 2013
A typically pretty girl with a mismatched ugly personality. She is easily impressed by money and sex, so much that she will try to bang essentially anything that breathes, male or female. As vindictive as she is, she has the ability to gather large crowds of followers, only until they see her true colors. Megans usually possess at minimum one (1) STD and many sad stories in which they are ALWAYS the victim. A Megan can hide her true hideous ways for years on end, sinking her claws into her unsuspecting victims deeper, thus making the judgement day all the more painful. Megans are promiscuous, vile & untrustworthy. Proceed with caution if you are ever near one.
Guy 1: What's up with Josh? He seems depressed & keeps scratching his package.

Guy 2: It's the herp..

Guy 1: Got himself a Megan, eh?

Guy 1: Yep.
by GhostInYourLife September 09, 2012
A beautiful girl with long brown hair that makes people feel good about themselves. She makes people feel worth they never would have found without her. She doesnt need make up. Shes rediculously nice and perfect. And she listens to good music.. :3 She is also marvelously gay amd loves cats.

She is very very loved
Person: " oh is that megan?"
Other person: "lolyeah"

Megan: "HAVE MY KIDS!!!"
by Thepurpleninjaturtle July 13, 2011
The girl who can turn gay men bi
nah i aint really ready for a girlfriend, cos... im bi ... Megan
by wooowoowoowwoowo April 13, 2011
A heavenly angel
and on the ninth and lesser known day after God gave the irish beer to keep them from conquering the world he did create Megan Wesley as a gift for the world
by jrfredrick January 22, 2011

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