A heavenly angel
and on the ninth and lesser known day after God gave the irish beer to keep them from conquering the world he did create Megan Wesley as a gift for the world
by jrfredrick January 22, 2011
A blond girl that isn't dumb! She is smart and pretty. She runs cross-country and track and is a great friend. She is great at listening and tries to make people feel better when they are down.
Megan, I have to be honest with you, you are way smarter than me,

Megan ran that race fast, maybe I should train with her.
by Distance4life February 03, 2010
A nice funny girl who has a rock'n bod. Everyone likes her and want to be around her. She can keep any secret that you have to her. She is shy and doesn't take relationships fast. She's the 2nd to 3rd most popular in a school.
Can you do a Megan for me and keep my secret?
I wish that I was good friends with Megan.
WOW! Megan is hot.
by maddiLIKESmangos May 19, 2011
She cares a lot about her friends and family but she can get their feelings hurt.She is very sweet and popular to her friends and family. She'd love to go out for a few drinks. If there is a party going on and she didn't ever come, there wouldn't even be party. She's the center of laughter and she usually gets her way weather it's buying clothes or just playing by her rules. She is the most loyal girl Ive ever met. She is gorgeous. If she doesn't have a boyfriend then I'd be suprised by how pretty she is. She has kikin curves and a fine ass. Great body.
Guy: Where was Megan at that party last night?
other guy:Dude I don't know but that was no party, If it was a party she would've been there.
Guy: True dat.
by colletti November 25, 2011
A little lady with an evil eye. This very pretty specimen of female enjoys nothing more than to chase people with paint brushes, mix mayonnaise and eggs, allow people to practice taking her bra off with their feet and teeth. If ever a Megan glares at you with her evil eye, be sure to give her a cuddle because deep down it's just a cry for affection from a little girl inside.
Declan would never throw his girlfriend down the stairs, she's such a Megan.

That Megan looked like the little sister from Bioshock until I gave her a hug.
by PirateDeco September 25, 2011
Megan, is truly amazing, she is someone that Liam Payne would certainly date, she is funny and sarcastic, but has other charming characters about her. Although she can be extremely stubborn and wants to get her own way most of the time. She has blonde moments, but is usually very intelligent.
Girl: 'Look at that dead bird in the sky'
Megan: *Look's up*
by ellie4434536 September 25, 2011
A fun loving girl who only wants to see her friends happy. Everyone thinks she is an angel but those close to her know that she has a dark evil side to her. She will stop at nothing to get revenge on the people that hurt her. She can be shy at times and all she wants is to be loved and to fit in. She has her "blond" moments but she makes the most of them. Everyone around her falls slightly in love with her.
Friend 1: Megan!!

Friend 2: She's awsome!
Friend 3: She's my bestie
Friend 4: She's mine!

Friend 1: Hey we all love her!
Friend 3: How could we not love her?
Friend 2: I mean come on....
Friend 4: She's Megan...
by Meglynn November 07, 2011

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