A crazy hot girl that everyone wants to fuck. She is amazing in bed and will always make you happy. When she walks into a room you will get a boner. If you dont have a Megan you better get one
i had a Megan last night. it was amazing
by Laurenissupercool May 05, 2011
a very good friend... one who happens to be my best! a tiny and pretty teenage girl who is dating a guy who their family does not approve! :)
did u see who megan is with!?
by ellie kb September 08, 2010
someone who is a stubborn pig
Man, he is such a Megan!
by teeeheeeeeheeeee October 16, 2011
Slutty spice.
Warning: this name is deceptive as megans are NOT musically inclined
Sally: I am going to wear a short dress tonight.
Jane: Let's 'megan' it up tonight.
Sally: Yes! I love spice girls.
by CALL September 29, 2012
A girl who is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. She is also intelligent and funny too. She is very popular and friendly to others. Despite the fact that she will only go out with people who she thinks are attractive, and ignore those who actually care about her, but don't look good (:-|), she is still awesome.

Person Y: I'm gonna ask Megan out later.
Person E: Haha, good look, she's way to good looking for you.
Person A: Don't mind if she says no, just tell her how you feel.
Person R: Prepare to get rejected loser.
Person 1: I was gonna ask her out!
by Why I am jlA... November 05, 2010
Megan is a name for a very beautiful, intelligant, and over all completly amazing girl who is as close to perfect as posible. She can do absolutly anything she puts her mind to. Megan's tend to be very self conscience, and think somewhat lowly of themselves. Its nearly impossible how to covince a Megan how amazing she is. Megans are very fast learners in almost everything. They are excellant kissers and they love with all of themselves.
Man: Isnt that girl a bit young for you?

Other Man: No she is a Megan, and Megans are too amazing for age to matter.
by cdy June 04, 2009
A very funny, klutzy girl. Often a dumb blonde. Smart in school but not much else. Beautiful. Never single. A really good friend to have so find a Megan and be her best friend!
Guy 1: dude Megan is so hot
Guy 2: yeah and my girlfriend
by TAYLORRRR May 21, 2013

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