sexy hot pretty cute beautiful girl who is amazing at sex and any guy would want to be with she is the perfect best friend/girlfriend. shes very sexy and SUPER kinky in bed.she is soooo fucking hot and has the most amazing ass in the world!
She is super fun to be around and makes everyone laugh. Shes super funny and everybody wants to be her friend.
her eyes are amazing and anyone could fall into a deep trance looking into them everybody wants her amazing eyes. shes a party animal and is the center of attention most of the time! she is one sexy bitch that you will never regret meeting
BOY1- damn did you see megan???????
BOY2-holy fuck yes she is so hot and has the nicest ass

BOY3- whoa i would tap that
BOY4- apperently shes amazing at sex and giving bjs and hjs!
by guysalwaystellthetruth September 28, 2011
a half boner
'i got a random boner in class today, dude.'

'ah i hate that, it's the worst.'

'yeah, fortunately it was just a megan, so it was manageable.'
by saucebaus August 23, 2011
holy . fucking . shit . a megan is the best you can get . nuff said . SHES SEXY AS HELLLLL .
guy 1 : dangg i wish i could have megan .

guy 2 : i did last night !

guy 1 : burn in hell you son of a bitch
guy 2 : (;
by suckiiiiit May 23, 2011
A crazy hot girl that everyone wants to fuck. She is amazing in bed and will always make you happy. When she walks into a room you will get a boner. If you dont have a Megan you better get one
i had a Megan last night. it was amazing
by Laurenissupercool May 05, 2011
Megan is a name for a very beautiful, intelligant, and over all completly amazing girl who is as close to perfect as posible. She can do absolutly anything she puts her mind to. Megan's tend to be very self conscience, and think somewhat lowly of themselves. Its nearly impossible how to covince a Megan how amazing she is. Megans are very fast learners in almost everything. They are excellant kissers and they love with all of themselves.
Man: Isnt that girl a bit young for you?

Other Man: No she is a Megan, and Megans are too amazing for age to matter.
by cdy June 04, 2009
A girl who can be very pretty but when she doesn't try to, she isn't. She tries to be better than everyone else, by being fake to people she doesn't like and trying to get attention. She also doesn't know when to stop talking and thinks people care about what she's saying, when really.. they don't. People usually think she is a sweet girl when they first meet her, but after you get to know a Megan... you find out who they really are.
Megan is annoying.
by rippedbluejeans27 April 28, 2012
She's a stubborn irish bitch. She is too obsessed with some shows. She believes that she is the best person on earth, but shes not. She is so two faced. We used to be friends, but im glad i got to see her true colors. Thankfully, now, we are not friends.
by DeliaJune August 15, 2011

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