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a very good friend... one who happens to be my best! a tiny and pretty teenage girl who is dating a guy who their family does not approve! :)
did u see who megan is with!?
by ellie kb September 08, 2010
A very funny, klutzy girl. Often a dumb blonde. Smart in school but not much else. Beautiful. Never single. A really good friend to have so find a Megan and be her best friend!
Guy 1: dude Megan is so hot
Guy 2: yeah and my girlfriend
by TAYLORRRR May 21, 2013
A super bossy girl that complains a lot. Sometimes, she's really nice, but other times she's a complete bitch. She's mean to most people and doesn't have many true friends. She's really athletic and is a good runner. She's one of those people that is super skinny but calls herself fat.
That girl is so mean to everyone! She has like no friends because she pushes them all away. She must be a Megan.
by Bunny_Loves_Mama_Wolf March 06, 2013
Is abeautiful girl, usually with freckles and glasses and long dirty blonde hair. She's amazing at running, and loves planning. Attracts sweet, and kind boys. Compatible with Nicks and James. Usually has thick hips and filling upper body. She is not very confident with her body and emotional image, but if she had confidence, the boys would be screaming her name. Is an amazing BFF.
"Hey Megan girly! Luv ya!" -BFF #1
"Awww we should hang out!" -Megan
by LUNAnLUV November 19, 2011
A girl that is very physically attractive and is one of the best friends a person could have. She is generally loved by everyone and it extremely funny, she makes most people smile when other fail trying. She is incredibly smart and cares about people in a way that others don't understand. She makes you realize everything that is good in life and is always there for you know matter what. A Megan is normally a somewhat shy person but once you get to know her she can be quite outgoing. She is cute, pretty, amazing, and all around wonderful.
Wow I bet my last dollar her names Megan
by ImTheBestThereIs October 18, 2011
sexy hot pretty cute beautiful girl who is amazing at sex and any guy would want to be with she is the perfect best friend/girlfriend. shes very sexy and SUPER kinky in bed.she is soooo fucking hot and has the most amazing ass in the world!
She is super fun to be around and makes everyone laugh. Shes super funny and everybody wants to be her friend.
her eyes are amazing and anyone could fall into a deep trance looking into them everybody wants her amazing eyes. shes a party animal and is the center of attention most of the time! she is one sexy bitch that you will never regret meeting
BOY1- damn did you see megan???????
BOY2-holy fuck yes she is so hot and has the nicest ass

BOY3- whoa i would tap that
BOY4- apperently shes amazing at sex and giving bjs and hjs!
by guysalwaystellthetruth September 28, 2011
She's a stubborn irish bitch. She is too obsessed with some shows. She believes that she is the best person on earth, but shes not. She is so two faced. We used to be friends, but im glad i got to see her true colors. Thankfully, now, we are not friends.
by DeliaJune August 15, 2011