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There's no way to describe Megan. She always puts everyone first and does what's best for the. She's loving kind and absolutely perfect. And she's made a lad crazy about her and he wouldn't change her for the world, she deserves the absolute best from life. Amazing girl think the right word is perfection. And she also has magic lips ;)
by Sexgod0812 October 22, 2013
Megan is one of the nicest and compassionate person you will ever meet! She is very quiet when you first meet her, but once you get past the hello you will find the greatest friend in the world. Megan is nice to everyone, even little kids. Although if you piss her off, or get on her bad side she can sometimes be a total bitch. Even though she is smiling, Megan has had a rough past and is determined to not let anyone experience what she had to go through. Megan has long blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes that one could get lost in for hours. She has a killer body although she doesn't see how beautiful she really is. Megan is a huge video game nerd, who impresses guys just by the mere fact she plays. Megan loves volleyball and working hard for those around her in need. She is on tumblr 24/7 venting and blogging about her feelings that she doesn't want to burden on anyone else. If you find yourself with the pleasure of getting to know a Megan, take the opportunity. Because you could be missing out on the best friend of a lifetime.
Maggie: Is Megan really that nice or is an act?
Joey: Nope she is really that nice!

John: Oh damn here comes Megan!
Max: She is so beautiful!
Marcus: Anyone would be lucky to be her boyfriend!
by Babeeeeeeeeeee <3 May 03, 2013
A dangerous beast commonly found in the urban jungle of Northern California. It has been know to feast on the souls of innocent men by first seducing them, then fucking them, then killing then
through a rare poison called AIDS/ HIV. The Luff commonly engages in sexual interactions with men ( and the accasional female) nearly 50 times a week. This beast is believed to have originated in the dark depths of hell, developed by SATEN himself. It also believed to be a shapeshifter, appearing as a female during the day and an alien/illuminati beast by night. It is believed to be a breeded by mixing a gorilla and an alien. If you spot this dangerous animal keep your distance, she most commonly feeds on stoners. If you do engage in an interaction with her, provide her with weed (preferably wax) she will probably go turn herself into the authority's (which has happened in the past).
Q: "What the is the definition of ratchet".
A: "That would be Megan Son"
by Ratchet gross February 25, 2014
a Jacobs best friend/little sister by bond
Megan tells everything to Jacob because she trust him
by Kenny Robbers December 13, 2010
Basically a disney princess. The best girl you'll ever meet. She is kind hearted and loves dearly. If you have a Megan in your life don't take her for granted. You should consider yourself very lucky and never let her go. Often needs someone to just be there. Hates to be alone. Would rather stay in than go out any night.
Hey man wanna go to this party tonight?
No thanks I'm hanging with Megan tonight.
Man I wish I had a Megan
by John the best Smith May 08, 2013
sweet, blond, very beautiful and loveing.

has blue eyes

born in spring time from march to may

shes is carrying and will stay with the one she loves unless pushed away, tends to get emotional and over stressed, worrying about every thing she thinks theres always a problem if somethings wrong and she will never over look it no matter how mutch you tell her to just drop it.

can have a cold heart if she ever left you.
Megan is the one to keep.
by reaper_0c1 March 20, 2013
A girl who has gone through way more then people think, but her heart is big enough to still care about if those around her are happy and okay. She is a person who you can always rely on even if you've hurt her. She will always have your back unless you give her a reason not to. She is a great and reliable friend.
Megan: I am so lucky to have a friend like you. You are always there for me even if I'm not. I am sorry.
Friend: Well, I am such a great friend to you because you always are to me and although it is true that you are not always there you somehow still make me feel safe.
by katie-p July 15, 2012