An awesome unicorn ninja that may or may not be evil. A megan is too complex for the human mind to understand so a megan does not usually talk a lot. Megans are inhumanly obsessed with fluffy hair, afros, potatoes, poking bellybuttons, squishing noses, and biting fingers.
"That girl scares me." "Yeah, she's a Megan. Some people say she's the most invincible unicorn there is, a ninja unicorn disguised as a human." "Yikes." ••• "Hey, how are you friends with that Megan ninja girl?" "Ninjas are awesome. Plus, she's a unicorn too. She is the best friend I could ever have, I'm so lucky to be her friend."
by Luckytohaveafriendnamedmegan June 25, 2013
Megans are very outgoing. They love to hang out with friends & have a good time. Sometimes a little bossy. Loves to laugh & talk. Such a goofy girl. People call her retared, but its just her having a fun time. She a beautiful girl, with prefect eyes & hair. She a awsome girl, and your missing a crazy & fun time if you dont hang out with her!!

Shes a wonderful girlfriend, and shes unforgetable(:
Megan is such an awsom person to hang out with !!!!!!!
by Meqann(: February 10, 2010
A female who hates to be confused with a "lady." A strong-minded woman who understands when something needs to be accomplished and will go above and beyond to get the job done. Awkward around other females because she doesn't share the same affinity for shopping or shoes or clothes. Loves working on cars and spending time with good friends. Pretends to be fine when really she is dying inside. Hates her outward appearance, has a hard time accepting compliments, cares deeply about her friends' welfare.
One of the guys, because she holds the key to understanding women, a male mentality wrapped inside a woman's mind.
Sailor 1: Megan is the exception that proves the rule, right?

Sailor 2: Yeah, I like hanging out with her, she's great. She's one of the guys, you know?
by thesharpiebandit February 06, 2010
A person who loves Harry Potter and hates Twilight. She is obsessed with bubble wrap, and knows how to make glow in the dark bubbles. She is a ninja, and frequently does ninja rolls throughout her house. Her favorite food is dinosaur chicken nuggets, and likes to play with them before she eats them. She is a full time Waldo hunter, and believes that she will be the one to actually find him one day. She is a believer of unicorns and narwhals. One day, she will rule the world.
Pete: Who is Megan?
Mark: She is the one who will find Waldo.
Pete: That's impressive.
by ninjaassassinbabyyy February 21, 2012
A beautiful girl...usually popular or a people person. Loves to party and have a good time. Usually has a friend who is a redneck or country. Also maybe a tiny girl with big boobs.
Patrick: Hey Beau we should invite Megan to the party
Beau: the tiny girl with big boobs?
Patrick: Yeah she is so fucking beautiful
by Rednecklover2012 February 10, 2010
A Megan is the most beautiful girl that you will ever meet. From her blue eyes to her blonde hair. She has the greatest personality. But she can break your heart... Just be sure to treat her right. She is extremely popular and has a ton of friends. She can get high on mountain dew :) You will do anything to try and get her back. I miss you...
Megan the girl that used to love me...
by MEG99 November 16, 2012
An incredible friend, probably the most incredibly one you will ever have. She understands you as no one else can. She lets you totally be yourself around her, and it always makes her laugh. She is slightly shy, but once you get through her shell she'll really open up to you, and she becomes the person you most like to talk to. At times she is a klutz, or just plain crazy. But this makes you like her even more. She is unpredictable, but she won't ever do a thing to hurt you. She has an amazing body, and is very active. She somehow happens to be just what you are looking for that way. She has beautiful blue eyes that are more beautiful than anything else you have ever seen. She is organized, smart, and put together. She knows where her life is going and has an intense determination to get there. She is that person that you are most happy is in your life, the person that you never want to leave. She is just what you are looking for, and feels the same way about you. She is a GREAT match!
My girlfriend is a genuine Megan.
by livetooski March 29, 2011
Megans are stuck up whores who enjoy nothing more than fucking or trying to fuck other girls boyfriends, despite more often than not having a boyfriend of their own.

Megans are usually recognised by their ridiculously superior attitude and abnormally large chins.

They take much pleasure in being the skanks of the earth and believe they are gods gift to not only men but the world.

Megans are ugly bitches and if u ever come across one you should smack that bitch up before the tramp tries to screw you over by screwing you boyfriend.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear about Megan?

Girl 2: Yeah she tried to fuck Rachels boyfriend .... while she was still with her boyfriend

Boy 1: Yeah she fucked me instead that ho gave me crabs
by I-dont-need-this345 October 15, 2010

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