An awesome unicorn ninja that may or may not be evil. A megan is too complex for the human mind to understand so a megan does not usually talk a lot. Megans are inhumanly obsessed with fluffy hair, afros, potatoes, poking bellybuttons, squishing noses, and biting fingers.
"That girl scares me." "Yeah, she's a Megan. Some people say she's the most invincible unicorn there is, a ninja unicorn disguised as a human." "Yikes." ••• "Hey, how are you friends with that Megan ninja girl?" "Ninjas are awesome. Plus, she's a unicorn too. She is the best friend I could ever have, I'm so lucky to be her friend."
by Luckytohaveafriendnamedmegan June 25, 2013
'Megan' is a Welsh name for 'Pear'. Megan is used for beautiful babies that are definitely going to have a good job, good partner and children. They are thoughtful and have an amazing imagination. They are extremely beautiful inside and out but are shy and insecure people. She would have grew up into a wealthy family. Most Megan's (not all) Have the parents names of: Male| Mark , Shaun , Paul , Chris , Tim . Female| Claire , Lisa , Indianna , Tracey , Mary , Victoria , Becky.
''Megan please make sure you pick up these''
by l3eeeaaa September 04, 2015
An annoying ugly girl who is over obsessed with her boyfriends😴she gets too brave & thinks she's all that😂she thinks she can get rude to anyone because she has a boyfriend but reality her boyfriend ain't gonna do shit he doesn't like getting into fight😂😩
Megan's Boyfriends Best friend:I hate you but I also love you😂😂❤
Megan: What? 😤
by nicegurl August 16, 2015
"How about that ride in...."

Baddest bitches in the game who stick together like a wolf pack. A few are known as LEGENDS, while the others are known as: crazy bitches. We don't add new members, just the original 8 will do. We can out drink anyone, laugh at anyone and scream at anyone. Mess with one, Mess with ALL. Don't try to be us, it won't work out in your favor. What happens between or to the megans, stays between the megans. #nonewfriends
Megans: Come in wolf pack. "you can't sit with us"
by MEGANS May 14, 2015
A girl who usually has auburn/brunette hair and amazing hazel/blue eyes that you can stare into for hours on end. She'll always deny any compliments paid to her. She's completely crazy and random but a great friend and always there when you need her the most. She's the first person you can talk to if you need to get something off your chest but she bottles her own feelings up inside. She embarresses herself nearly all of the time. Granted, she can be stubborn and would rather be single than in a relationship but maybe, if she finds that one amazing guy who captures her heart, she'll fall for him.
Person one: "Megan, you look great!
Megan: "Yeah, right..."
by WhoSaidIWasAmazing?Oh... April 02, 2012
The most annoying person you will ever meet. A megan is a person who looses best friends easily and fights with everyone yet they can be so funny and loving at other times. They have dated multiple guys and are very popular.
That sounds like a megan joke
Did she just loose another friend that must be a Megan
Is Jake still her friend no because she's a megan
by Buttholebag March 29, 2015
A person who only eats meat.
Person 1: "Hey I'm Vegan!"
Person 2: "Hey I'm Megan!"
by Max Hi April 22, 2008
biggest two faced bitch in the world.
"shes a two faced bitch. shes prolly a megan."
by eric miller March 17, 2013

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