An awesome unicorn ninja that may or may not be evil. A megan is too complex for the human mind to understand so a megan does not usually talk a lot. Megans are inhumanly obsessed with fluffy hair, afros, potatoes, poking bellybuttons, squishing noses, and biting fingers.
"That girl scares me." "Yeah, she's a Megan. Some people say she's the most invincible unicorn there is, a ninja unicorn disguised as a human." "Yikes." ••• "Hey, how are you friends with that Megan ninja girl?" "Ninjas are awesome. Plus, she's a unicorn too. She is the best friend I could ever have, I'm so lucky to be her friend."
by Luckytohaveafriendnamedmegan June 25, 2013
will flirt with any boy who has a pulse, better watch your boyfriend because she will steal him in a heartbeat. is small with a big personality, has weird taste in clothes and food. you can only spend a little time with megan because she will tire you out.
person: is that megan coming
other person: yes, quick hide your boyfriend!
by hellokitty321xo February 02, 2014
A woman that eats your soul and bathes in the blood of virgins. Who would kill you just as fast as rape you if your hot. Always undressed you with her eyes and lets you know about it by her smile. Got kick out of hell from torching people too good (also stole a sandwich). And is now secretly trying to rule the whole world.

Person 2: OH NOOOOO WHY ME!?!
by EosSELENE January 02, 2012
A beautiful girl loved by all that is adorable and is awesome on the flute. Is loved by all and has a warm heart
Wow Megan can really cheer up everyone.
by Beluga whale December 04, 2014
When you first meet her, she might be a little intimidating but after you get to know her, she's the chillest and nicest person in the world. She tends to speak her mind and not care what peope think of her. She's only a bitch when she needs to be. You can't win an arguement with a Megan. She stays single, she doesn't like to worry about boys because she has better things to do. She's easy to fall in love with but it's hard to get her to fall in love with you but once you get her, keep her, because she's a keeper. Fuck her over once and she's gone forever. She's most defenitely a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. Megan isn't bossy, she's the boss.
Person 1: she's super cool!
Person 2: must be a Megan!!
by themfgreatest March 10, 2015
More extreme version of meatatarian (alternate spelling: meagan).

A vegetarian doesn't eat meat; a vegan eats only fruits and vegetables.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, a meatarian wants meat in every meal; a meagan not only wants meat in every meal, but avoids the veggies altogether.
We have a really hard time having dinner together, because I'm a vegetarian and she's megan, so she doesn't like anything I want to eat!
by my name is Cos May 24, 2008
a sexually frustrated girl, that wants bare sex all the time. often she entices her lover by ringing a bell, that is specifically designed to inform her partner she is 'gagging for it'.
wow babe, you're really horny tonight, you are so megan!
by thedefintiongaldem February 13, 2011
a female who is very caring and forgiving. likes to pick small fights. likes to spend money. lives or wants to live in Cali. she is somewhat romantic.
Some days I wish I could be as romantic as Megan.
by meganlikesthecolorpurple February 19, 2015

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