she isn't even that hot, she's ugly. people believe she's the hottest chick ever. she's a douche.
Random boy - "megan fox is so hot!"
Other guy - "no she's ugly."
by brandon mullett December 12, 2010
An "actress" who was a former model who was quite beautiful at one time, but then like most women nowadays had to go and fuck it up with bad lip injections and even worse tattoo's, now becoming just another run of the mill bimbo who tries too hard to be like Angelina Jolie. Constantly shows that she's lucky to be in Hollywood everytime she opens her mouth, whether it's saying she doesn't want to be known for her looks then posing semi-nude in Maxim, or that everyone of her tattoo's is her way of saying fuck you (while she has the name of a former boyfriend etched into her skin), or her Hitler like comments calling for the death of Middle America that hasn't gotten her in hot water for some inexplicible reason. Totally over-rated.
Guy 1: So how about that Megan Fox?

Me: What about her?

Guy 1: She's pretty hot don't you think?

Me: No.

Guy 1: No?

Me: Did I stutter?

Guy 1: How can you think she's not hot?

Me: The tattoo's, the vapid, brainless way she expresses herself, the tries too hard to be a bad girl image, the bad plastic surgery, the utter lack of talent that she has, need I go on?
by Chitwood July 10, 2009
An overrated actress who some men and by men I mean high school virgins lust after.She is the sexiest women in the world according to one magazine, but she's not even close. She tries too hard to be something she's not, says stupid things for attention, pretends to be a tomboy and pretends to be weird and outspoken like Angelina Jolie. She always has the same look on her face, mouth open,tongue out.She has had a nose job to get rid of the bump on her nose, had lip injections to have bigger lips, and botox. She looked better before the surgery now she's hideous and doesn't even look human. She has the IQ of a rock and her fans are some of the most craziest people in the world.
Megan Fox's face has went from cute to extremely waxy looking and plastic. Some women who are way more beautiful include Adriana Lima, Aishwarya Rai, and Angelina Jolie.
by hotterthanfox February 16, 2011
A Very Big Vagina With A Deep Camel Toe
Person 1:"Dude Do You See That Girl Over There?"
Person 2:"Yeah She Has A Total Megan Fox!"
by MarilynByo December 20, 2009
The cause of wet dreams for millions of teenage boys and the lesbian fantasy of straight teenage girls.

Very attractive, but can't act to save her life. The only reason she's gotten roles is because of her good looks.

Has toe thumbs and is extremely overrated.
Person 1: Megan Fox is soooo hot!

Person 2: She's pretty. It's sad she can't act for sh*t.

Person 1: Whatever. She's sexy.
by gmoya July 09, 2009
formerly was the number #1 cause of semen related death but is now at the butt end of most thumb related jokes
(in theatre) three years ago when megan fox comes up on screen: Daaaaaamn!

(in theatre) now, when megan fox comes up on screen: HAHA! LOOK AT THE FREAK'S THUMBS!
by couch potat April 05, 2010
Actress who, though not rather good, has gained the attraction of teenage boys aorund the world (dispite having a boob job, lip plumping surgery and a nose job).

Attractive but boring, mainly due to the same pose she uses for every photo taken of her and her kind-of desperate "tomboy" act she puts on.

Girls apparently can't like her because guys will say they're jealous - and boys can't say it either because then they would "be gay".

Was much prettier naturally, and is the downfall to every teenage girl suffering with low self esteem. Along with Cheryl Cole, girls now pine to look like this in an attempt to look like what their male peers find most attractive.

This then results in the crushingly low feeling girls feel due to the male peers commenting on how "hot" Megan Fox is, "the hottest girl alive". Not acceptable when told to your girlfriend.

Said by many guys to be "curvy", but the hourglass figure shows a difference of 9 inches between the waist and hips, which is near impossible considering her American size 2 figure.
Girlfriend: Let's go see a movie!

Boyfriend: Yeah, Megan Fox is in Jennifer's Body, she's the hottest girl alive.

Girlfriend: You're dumped.


14-year-old guy 1: Megan Fox is sooooo fit

14-year-old guy 2: Oh yeah I just jizzed in my pants

14-year-old guy 1: Lets go wank over her

14-year-old guy 2: Nah I have to go see my girlfriend

14-year-old guy 1: Pussy.
by NadddRush November 28, 2009
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