A robot made by Dr. Light to stop the evil intentions of Dr. Wiely. He has had numerous types, such as: Megaman (1-"9") X(X-X6) and .EXE (Megaman Battle Network 1, 2, Transmission)
Megaman! You okay?
by Banjo June 24, 2003
When one proceeds to tape beers around his arm as to make a mega man blaster (not to be confused with Edward Forty Hands)
Dude 1: Yo, did you see that bro last night with those beers around his arms?? WTF is that shit?!

Dude 2: Dumbass, he was Mega Manning that shit...
by Tha Dicky P November 16, 2012
When your cum travels longer than 4 inches
I Bust A MegaMan on my girl last night.
by Spoouk November 12, 2007
Titanium robot sex machine (see also: rockman)

(From Greek Megas, meaning great, and Old English mann, meaning male homosapien)
Megaman blew Dr. Wily away, then retreated to his room with Roll for 56 hours of one-on-one celebration.
by human dic-tionary October 31, 2004
Slang term for a two miligram blue Xanax, not to be confused with Viagra, which has been known under the name "Blue Bomb" which is similar for the fictional cyborg hero's nickname "The Blue Bomber"
*Nog* Why am I in jail?

*Prison Guard* You ate twenty Megamans, wrecked into an SUV, and fist-fought three cops.

*Nog* WhatsthefuckanSUV?
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007
Though a fun series of games, has become somewhat repetitive and stale. The first few were great, as are the spinoffs(i.e. Megaman Zero, Megaman Battle Network, Megaman and Bass, etc.) but the main concept in every game is...
1)Find the boss you can beat with only the X-Buster(or Z-Sword if you play as Zero or Protoman or whatever)
2)Use the Weapon aquired from that boss to find another opposing robot who is weak to that weapon and beat him with that
3)Repeat step 2 until all 8 default levels are complete
4)Go through the final Dr.Wily levels
5)Become Pimp Masta of the year 20XX
Megaman is spiffy, especially Anniversary Edition.
by Heroic Ling Ling November 13, 2004
A blue robot who was created by a doctor of science named Dr. Light. He was orginally not bulit for combat, instead he was created to be a house robot, sort of like Roll. His designs for the armor came from Blues' (Proto Man). Has a transforming dog called rush, a cat that name escapes me, and is one of the coolest robots around.

He has had 8 games (on NES, SNES, Saturn, Playstation, and then there was the 5 on Gameboy and Meagman and Bass on Gameboy Advance
Is Mega Man that stupid or is it just me?
by Zach the Feind Ninja January 04, 2006

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