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A troll in yahoo answers rock in pop section.He started sometimein march 2010 but he became famous in april 2010 when he went on a monthlong rampage of trolling not seen since man egg l a year prior.By may he became repetative because he ran out of bands to make fun of and/or criticize.So on may 29th he said he was leaving for only to return 3 days later.Megafan is clearly past his prime as a troll and is now irrelevant.Ranting against juggalos,gothics and wiccans calling them "promoters of white trash culture".
Why do people love metallica?" then he will answer his own question"they stole their first 2 albums from dave mustaine!"megafan is obviously a one dimensional troll.
by werterterttertertertert July 06, 2010
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