"Lego" is one of those new-age waka phrases. People use it when they're hyped or pumped up. Instead of "lego", it's cooler to say "megabloks" cause that's a different type of building block.
Waka fan - "I'm AMPED! LEGGOO!!"

You - "Psssh... megabloks fool..."
by J-Mac Da Kronic Sac (AKA Dr J) August 18, 2011
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Cheap plastic blocks that snap together. A cheap and inferior ripoff of Lego. Most mega blok structures are less stable than a jenga tower that's been in play for a very long time.
Simpleton: "Check out this awesome building I made. It's made of mega bloks."
Reasonable person: "Is it supposed to be in multiple pieces?"
by Chester A Arthur's Ghost September 04, 2011
The new and improved "lego" (let's go). Trend-following, new-age hip-hop fans use "lego" when they get pumped... It's better to say "megabloks" because Megabloks are something different than Lego building blocks.
Waka fan - "Time to get hype! LEGO!!"

Me - "Pssh... megabloks fool..."
by J-Mac Da Kronic Sac (AKA Dr J) August 17, 2011

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