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Mega Man 2 is the best mega man game ever with awesome badass robot master to defeat and mother fucking metal man!!!

Mega man 2 is soooo much better than mega man x and anyone who says diffferently is probably not real.
sex attractive male- Hey have you ever played mega man 2 its awesome

lanky strange male- No all i have is mega man x.... my life sucks
#mega man 2 #awesome #win #not mega man x #better
by johnsen, oakes July 03, 2011
The second best Mega Man game. Majorities will say the best, but science shows that Mega Man 3 is a better game. There is 12 levels, 8 robot masters and 4 wily stages. Also one of the only good rushed games.
Person 1:Mega Man 2 is the pinnicle of NES Gaming.
Person 2:Science shows Mega Man 3 is better.
#mega man #mega man ii #games #doom #nes #90s #80s #mega man 3 #mega man iii
by Kfcnyancat September 02, 2012
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