She has fabulous eyes and a stunning smile. If you know her well enough, you can get her into a giggling fit which is unstoppable! She is no longer afraid of dark closets because she peeked into one when she was 9 and discovered a lack of robbers. Megs often get creeped out easily by looming faces. Despite these strange qualities in a Meg, she is one of the best friends you could ever have! And don't forget to stroke her soft hair. Oh, and she thought that eggs were dairy until she was 21, and believed that stairs only go up.
Who's that going up those stairs? That must be a Meg--look at how pretty she is!
by Your house, of course! April 06, 2011
Meg is the deffinition of sexy mama. Even if she is not a mama, she would be a MILF.
Anyone who is lucky to have a Meg is insanely lucky because these girls are hard to find.

Usually born in the month of February, Meg's love the sun, and anything to do with the sun :tanning, swimming, walking, you name it, she likes it.
Meg may seem like a shy mouse at first but don't just try to get to know her for her hot body, her personality is the best there is.
Guy One: My, my, my look at the sexy chick
Guy Two: I hear her name is Meg.
Guy Two: NO I DID!
by unicornhugs June 23, 2010
That quirky, tall, freckly girl the person writing this is best buds with. Megs are hilarious, klutzy, and play stringed instruments. While her friends are sitting around doing nothing, Meg is either playing soccer or running 2 miles.
person: hey, meg. wassup?
meg: brb, gonna go run.
person: T.T
by MELVIN123 August 06, 2011

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