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To be cuddly, adorable, or cute. To be very sweet, nice, and never mean. Examples: baby animals, especially penguins. Lemurs. Originated in Portland, Oregon in mid '90s. Thought to be taken from the word lemur.
Even though that kitten attacked me, it was such a meemur I still wanted to hold it.

He seemed like a meemur until he tried to grope me.

She looks so sweet and cute, but she's actually a total bitch. What a fake meemur.

kittens, puppies, baby penguins, lemurs, innocent looking attractive people who are sweet.
by Montgomery & Marie April 09, 2009
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Half man, half creature that resorts to biting when attacked. Someone who enjoys scratching as much as a dog, has the habits of an woodland creature but walks upright and speaks the language of the humans. The name for someone that you suspect becomes a creature during a full moon.
Some children on the playground suggested that the boy may've been a Meemur, for when he was backed into a corner- he resorted to biting and making strange animal noises.
by ZachJach December 12, 2009
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to have an oddly shaped mouth expression while talking and makes them look goofy.
that boy has a meemur cause lip went up more on the left side way to much it looked goofy.
by nicole March 31, 2005
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