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A cult, known to take members away from family, external social activities and studies. Partakers congregate in large ritualistic groups, bond drunkenly, wear distinctively marked clothing, laugh at jokes others don't get, talk endlessly about penises, and speak in tongues undecipherable by non-revuers e.g. "where's the dilznit, you round-eye? Eh?"
Mum: "A medrevue stole my child!"

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says: "what do you want". And the horse says: "a drink". And the bartender says "No". So the horse asks "why?" And the bartender says "because you're a horse".
by Dr. Ping September 01, 2004
A fun-seeking disease that plagues the participant of such theatrical activities. Characterised by an insidious onset, with a chronic presentation (neither granulomatous nor suppurative).
I did the Medrevue Phallus in Wonderland, and it was so much fun.
by Dr. Ping August 31, 2004
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