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The fear of an erect penis.
If you're a guy and you have medorthophobia, you're screwed.
by Cinderpelt April 04, 2009
70 29
fear of having an erect penis
the guys that are complete horndogs should have medorthophobia.
by EvlBloodyMary November 05, 2003
155 90
Fear of an erect penis. not to be confused with medomalacuphobia- fear of losing an erection.
Chris: I do not have medorthophobia, as I am a homosexual.
Sean: Okay...
by Sean Mooney November 10, 2006
7 3
the fear of being reamed when you're on a chair
cam was standing next to me when I was on the chair and my medorthophobia kicked in
by sweatyphillips October 03, 2005
20 105