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A Medium Matt, otherwise known as a Matt Vick, is a rap artist who is so sick he often accidentally throws up on his microphone. Scientist have found that win in contact with a Medium Matt, your feelings my get hurt and you may hear the dopest lyrics ever conceived by a living being.....
Medium Matt exmp.
Crunch Im eatin this microphone for lunch//
Then i spit on it like hot sauce to give it some extra punch//
My flow is rediculas i hope you not missin this//
And i sport a fresha smile then yea fuckin dentist is//
Yeah Im dissin kids shit Im tryin to finish this//
And my credets are more redick then a Vin Diesel character list//
You can stare at my whip and how fast the car goes//
Eatin es car go transportin illagal car go//
Stackin doe, like I work at Wells Fargo//
My paper goes deep like a Brett Farve throw //
Hailmary, and my weed goes hard bro//
Thats why you can't clear my smoke like your missin a carb hole bitch//
by Leon Gonzales October 22, 2007
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