"medina"- in rock climbing, sometimes metal bolts are installed in the cliff to clip the rope into to protect a falling climber from hitting the ground. To "medina" a bolt placement means to perform a substandard installation of a rock climbing protection bolt due to inexperience.
Eddie sure medina'd that bolt
by golden coal November 09, 2010
Top Definition
1. The borough of Brooklyn in New York City.

2. The second holiest city in Islam, after Mecca, located in western Saudi Arabia. Site of the Mosque of the Prophet (Muhammad's tomb).
"I'm deep down in the backstreets, in the heart of Medina, about to set off somethin' more deep than a misdemeanor."

--The GZA, Swordsmen
by hghgchgchg November 18, 2007
1. A gorgeous girl who loves to show her sexual side. Although she is very flirtacious, she remains a virgin until marriage.

2. A woman with very large breasts.
Whoa, look at the juicy Medina over there!
by Salih Hopkins April 30, 2008
Beautiful, Gorgeous, etc.
Damn that's Medina!!
by veethegee September 07, 2009
To be funky and cool as in Tone Loc's song "Funky Cold Medina".
1. "That $hit you just did was so medina." 2. That guy is funky cold medina. 3. You medina'd it up on the dance floor.
by Gen. Robert Livingston III February 09, 2010
1) To choke away a winning situation a la the '07 New York Mets.

2) To inexplicably drop a valuable player in any fantasy sports league only to see them return to dominance a week later.

3) To be confused with a Mexican and/or a terrorist.

4) To blackout drinking for absolutely no good reason only to awaken to a precarious situation.

5) To be led to believe that you have won a fantasy sports trade only to realize after the fact that you yourself have been forced to bite the pillow whilst holding you butt cheeks open for the impending trade rape.
1) "Bro, so I brought this hot girl home but then I puked all over her face." "Damn man, I'm about to Medina this damn playoff lead."

2) "Screw that guy. He's garbage. *3 Touchdowns and 128 rushing yards later* Dammit!"

3) "So I was buying light bulbs a Home Depot when some lady stopped me in the parking lot and asked me to cut her grass and make her some salsa."

4) "I'm not sure what happened. I went to have a beer and watch the Georgia game and totally Medina'd. I woke up in an American flag thong with red and black tassels on my nips chasing a dachshund screaming get in my damn bun!"

5) "Oh man I totally just raped Chris and got MJD and Randy Moss for Colston. *Colston has a 3 TD 150 yard game. MJD breaks leg and Moss retires* So, I'm pretty sure Chris just Medina'd me."
by Sooby September 12, 2013
Aweseomely Awesome God-like and Hilarious Teacher; Equivalent to <yoda>
Medina rocks my socks.
by Kevy X June 11, 2005
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