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An elegant and almost perfect performance of bull-shittery, when telling a lie or selling an absolutely worthless product to a group of people, but acting and speaking in such a manner that even that the person(s) know its bullshit they will still buy the product.

Acting out in the most extreme way when seeing a doctor or health care professonal in order to get desired meds or more powerfull drugs. a common practice when doctor shopping, (puttin on a medicine show!)
I knew he was puttin on a medicine show when the guy at autozone sold me mud tires with snow chains and the 4x4 package after I told him I drive a scooter, and live in downtown L.A. but he made the deal sound so sweet I couldnt pass it up!

When bob got sent to the puzzle factoy he figured he'd make the best of a bad situation by throwing feces at the nursing staff. This medicine show would get him some good drugs for sure!!
by cowboy55 December 20, 2011
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