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Located at 50.00N latitude and 110.45W longitude, in Alberta, Canada, just over the border from Saskatchewan, the place where anyone from Maple Creek who drives a truck, or has a friend or parent who drives a truck, can be found at weekends loading up on furniture, appliances, and bulk goods and groceries from Wal-Mart or Superstore; closer and nicer than Swift Current, and conveniently located on Highway 1.
Person from Maple Creek: Are we going to Medicine Hat ("The Hat") this weekend?
Person 2: Yeah, where else would we go?
Person 1: What about Swift Current?
*Person 1 and Person 2 look at each other and burst out laughing*
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005
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Much like NeverLand, Medicine Hat is a place full of fairies, and asspirates. It is also filled with pre-pubescent children that have an extreme distasteful desire for the male genitalia.
Some of the head homosexuals in the area, such as Oliver Amero & Ethan Parson, actually perform faggotry acts in front of others to earn a living. Its the sad truth.
Ethan: Yo Oliver, want to go earn some money, fellow homoexual?

Oliver: Well sure Ethan, Id love for you to penetrate me with your two inch penis in front of others from Medicine Hat, after all, it is what we do best.
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A hell hole in the ground, too much drama and the schools are terrible. Take me away from this place! D:
He lives in the Hat? Lol, he's never getting out of there! Medicine Hat sucks!
by iFail@|bhop|Synthesis December 14, 2010
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If you live there, you might as well be living in a hole in the ground. Unless of course your name is Burke Hill, then you're the handsomest guy this side of the Alamo and you have boobies...only with your shirt off though. Pea-Sout.

Hey, that dude is cool....wait, he's from the Hat? Forget he Burke Hill? I think he fought in the Alamo, he's cool! Nice rack too!
by Dave Humphrey October 01, 2004
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