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A subset of the Troll species, similar to the Internet Troll but different in their approach.

A Media Troll is an Internet Blogger or Reporter that covers and intentionally misreports the statements and/or opinions of a famous celebrity or politician in order to cause stigmatization and create controversy.

A sometimes unintended result of the Media Troll's work is the Social Pariah.
Talk Show Host: So how do you defend your position saying that gay people are freaks?

Celebrity: First off, I said I supported Gay rights and I said that I think that straight people are afraid that if gay marriage is legalized that they'll try to be converted. Like in the "One of Us" scene from the 1932 film "FREAKS."

Talk Show Host: That's not what Perez Hilton said.

Celebrity: That's because he's a Media Troll!
by Baron6489 November 12, 2010
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