middle school full of a bunch of little douche bags that have nothing better to do then give eachother head under cafeteria tables. These kids are screewed when they get to shawnee.
alyssa blew john under a table. hahaha!
by Slick Rick April 06, 2005
Top Definition
where kids dont get expelled for smoking weed in the bathroom where girls dress like sluts and claim they got kissed by justin bieber
alex bartasius "getting kissed by jb" at medford memorial middle school
by bigmar311 January 27, 2011
Medford Memorial is not a bad school there just rich and not trashy living in trailer parks like you! im sorry that you dont get your way thats not our faults...your just jealous that were one of the richest towns in the county.
Bad Reputations = RUMORS
by xo number 7 March 20, 2005
A school in south jersey filled with your average snobs, backstabbing whores, slutty 7th graders who pretend they're in high school and then the normal cool people who can all get along.
Perhaps its reputation would be saved if not for the 8th grader who got suspended for having a knife and coke at the dance.
by skittles6688 March 16, 2005
Actually, Medford Memorial Middle School does not have drug bearing knife holding people in it. A few people liek 6 months ago stole some ADD medicine from the nurse for a kid with ADD! it didnt hurt anyone and the kid had add anyway. Please don't hate cuz were one of the richest towns in the u.s.a. just get over it...
We live in Medford cuz we actually are intelligent...how did we get here you ask?? Our parents actually have jobs.
by 23754613784 March 24, 2005
school where the admin. is screwed up and think that stores make "mid-thigh" length shorts. girls are either sluts or losers. pretty good teachers though... ps team 8-4 is not all losers!!
"omg did u hear what emily s. did with dan???"
"excuse me! are those shorts long enough?!?!?!?!?!"
by shannon w April 20, 2005
A school in south jersey where your average 6th grader will first give or get head, and your 7th grade girl will grow up to be a prostitute, also known as the school where your principle suspends for giving hugs and haves footloose played at every school dance.
alyssa blew john..under a table?
by youdontneedtoknow March 17, 2005
(noun) (place)

A middle school in South Jersey on Mill Street.

Home to the Panthers, Medford Memorial has been
home to over 100,000 kids in the past 25 years! Memorial
holds 7th and 8 graders while the connecting school

Haines houses 6 graders.

And the students are nice, well behaved, and interested in
learning, not doing inapropriate things under cafe tables
I am a teacher there and I forbid any other rude reviews

about such a great school like Medford Memorial Middle School! If I find out who writes such horrid reviews, expect
Mr. Petru or Mr. Biscotti on this right away!
Medford Memorial Middle School,

Home to the Panthers, RAWR! (:
by Mr/Mrs &$%#*•^ July 10, 2010
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