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illest place on earth negro
paul mahoney is the g-est person in medfield, MA yo. keep it gangster yo.
by mcnuggggets August 31, 2006
a place where nothing happens. absolutely nothing. the most ive done is go to my friends house. how eventful.
wow im going to pauls house again where ill play xbox then go home. and maybe see a girl and go to the pizza place and eat pizza. thats what happens here in Medfield, MA
by unknown? hehe September 28, 2005
Everyone that says bad things about Medfield are teenagers who are bored. I am 24 and when I was living here in my teens years I thought it was boring. It's only because you don't know what you have. You should appreciate that you are safe. You should appreciate that you have good schools.
I've lived elsewhere in the state since I graduated, and believe me, when you have your car vandalized, get your pocketbook stole, and get harassed on the streets of some other towns that are less fortunate to have all the GREAT opprotunities that you all have, then maybe that will put it into perspective. Anyone is LUCKY to live here where you can feel safe at night to walk down the street. Every town has it's flaws. NOT EVERYONE IN TOWN IS RICH. And why is that a bad thing. I wasn't rich, and I didn't drive a BMW to school. I drove an 87 oldsmobile. Noone made fun of me. NOT EVERYONE is republican, if anything, it is the opposite. But to each his own. Why does it matter. If you don't like other peoples politics don't discuss them. Noone forces their views on you here. That is untrue. Also, as all high schools may have their clicks, it is not anywhere close to as bad as other places. Trust me. Appreciate your life. If your parents are rich, appreciate the home and safety they have provided, and if they are on of the many "non-rich" people in town, appreciate that they bust their ass to be able to have you live in a town where you can play safely, and get a good education. It may be "boring" to you, but at least you aren't living in poverty, scared you might get shot in a drive by in Dorchester. Once you grow up you might realize that boring is better than scared.
Medfield, ma is a great place to live.
by youknowyoulovemedfield March 12, 2008
MEDVEGAS! Im going to start this by addressing the losers with no friends who have bad mouthed our great town...

"Get me outta here:" whoever you are, we dont want you in medfield anyway! As I said, your probably just a little tool who cant make friends, and if you cant do that in the most friendly town of medfield, you need to go to some classes about how to make friends. First off, how could you say we have a bad school and bad teachers? You get "D's" because you are not good enough to be in our schools. MCAS scores and graduation rates dont lie. Money?? some people I know have some money, but we are not beverly hills... Medfield is about 50/50 conservative/liberal... having both is a good thing buddy, but why would you complain? Do you like paying taxes... oh, nevermind, you have no idea what your parents pay in taxes.

I will say that there isn't much to do, but thats why you have the friends you do. The malls, movies, etc are not far, so its not like you have nothing to do ever.

I graduated in '05 and i'm proud to be from Medfield... and everyone else should be too!
What are you doing tonight man?
Going to noonie!
Wheres that?
On the Millis and Medfield, MA border.
by MedVegas December 16, 2006
Medfield is also loving referred to as MedVegas.
Medfield is a small suburban community about 40 minutes south of Boston. It has a great school system, both in academics and athletics. Every year, Medfield High ranks high in MCAS scores because of dedicated teachers and hard-working students. As for sports, the athletes are determined and completive- especially when playing the town rival, Dover. There is a real sense of school pride and spirit amongst the students.
All throughout the town, there is a safe and caring atmosphere. The residents are mostly middle class families that play active roles in town affairs. I am proud to say that the New England town meeting is alive and well in Medfield.
Although Medfield does not offer youths much entertainment, there are several popular hangouts that teens frequent with cult-like dedication. Locations like Noon Hill, the pits, the pond, Meta and the several pizza parlors are the most popular weekend spots. There isn’t a lot of glamour, but there is a lot of love.

Every civilization has a great city. Ancient civilization had Rome. The 21st century has Medfield, MA.
by Cinzia April 23, 2006
A town that is overall extremely boring. Kids attempt to act tough even though they've lived in the queer town their entire life and have only been to attractive parts of the city. Ask a local Medfielder if they've have ever seen a place like Mattapan they will probably whimper "Matta what?". Kids also consider a local apartment development called Wilkins Glen as "the ghetto" even though it isn't a very bad place to live at all. There is nothing to do in Medfield unless your a fat and would like to visit one of there numerous under rated pizza shops. Oh, and don't forget you can always walk "uptown" and have lots of fun with your friends. Medfield is truly one of the most boring towns in metro Boston. I am not hating on Medfield but it's the truth. On the bright side the school system is great.....supposedly, even though most of the teachers are gay or are retarted in some other way. The only real thing to do in Medfield is to play sports. Luckily the old people of this town are cool so playing bingo with them is a viable option in a search to find something to do.
Guy From Boston: "Where are you from"
Preppy Guy from Medfield, MA: "Oh, the quaint little town of Medfield"
Guy: "Where the fuck is that"
by masshole215 December 20, 2012
One of the richest towns in Massachusetts with one of the best school systems. If you go to school there, don't worry. I have felt your pain. I'm in eightth fucking grade!!!!
Medfield is also called DEADFIELD
by ^^^him^^^ December 22, 2004
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