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A bird-like woman who appears in 2008 advertisements and commercials for Mederma, a product for scar treatment. Originally raised by wolves, the Mederma lady lives in a cave and only comes out to frighten audiences on television and in magazines. Even after her scars fade, she still has the ability to frighten such villains as Nosferatu, Frankenstein, and the notorious Voldemort.

The Mederma lady preys on young children and Unicorns. Chuck Norris checks under his bed every night for the Mederma lady.

She is to be feared. If you catch a glimpse of her, please wash your eyes out with pepper spray to reverse the process of blinding.

Also can be used to describe a female who would almost be attractive if it weren't for her face.
"Did you see that hideous girl in class yesterday?"
"Yeah, she's a real Mederma lady."

"Billy, come inside before it's dark! You never know if the Mederma lady is preying our neighborhood."
by muffy the mederma lady slayer September 01, 2008
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