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A relationship between two people in the same medical school class.
Ryan and Elizabeth are dating, and know are in a medcestual relationship
by Soylent_Green March 25, 2010
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n. When medical students in the same class engage in romantic activities that seem incestuous to other classmates.
My third year of medical school had some serious medcest; five hook-ups.
by Soylent Green Doc March 25, 2010
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Medical students being absolute whores during what little time they have to engage in social activities and sleeping with anything that has a pulse and is bipedal.

As medical students will only socialize with one another and invariably only talk about medicine/ people they have slept with in medicine when they do; invariably they end up only sleeping with one another/interns/residents/NCHDs.

The latter can be quiet dangerous as sleeping with someone who is in a position of authority in your medical school is a "breach of ethics", alas this is seldom recognized when blood alcohol levels are elevated.

Types of medical students who do not partake: null set

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland recently published a paper on lighting levels and observer perceived levels of overtly sexual behavior at a city centre nightclub in Dublin. It found that increased lighting levels decreased sexual behaviors. Should they hope to implement these findings at future events; the student body will be displeased and will launch complaints.

Really medical students engage in promiscuity to make their lives a little brighter. I mean who wants to study 60 hours a week for 4/5 years and end up in a shit pile of debt at the end of it?
OMFG - I think I've slept with five people in school with us this semester. I'm such a whore.

Na! You're actually grand. The five people aren't in the same social circles, everyone will still think you are a gay virgin, don't worry!
Aren't you gay?

Yes, why is that an issue?

That's a girl you've just slept with.

Really? Hopefully I'll do better next time.
What does it take to be the class slut this year?#

Sleep with 45/60 people in the class. Sorry babes I'm already there. I love med-cest
by thehornymedstudent January 07, 2012
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