The U.S. military's highest honor. It is awarded to those who show extreme volor and bravery in combat against an enemy, foreign or domestic. It is illegal to own one, inluding the medal, ribbon bar, and rossette, unless you have been awarded one yourself. There are less than 125 living Medal Of Honor recipients today. There are three versions: the Air Force, Navy/Marine Corps., and the oldest, the Army. The first Medal of Honor was awarded to Bernard J. D. Irwin during the Civil War.
The latest Medal of Honor awardee was Jason Dunham, USMC.
by Taylor Huneycutt November 21, 2007
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*The Congressional Medal of Honor is the US's highest decoration for military personnel. To achieve the Medal of Honor, you pretty much have to display absolute fearlessness & bravery, heroism, and superhuman capability against an enemy of the United States. The MoH has only been achieved by very few, but there will be more in the future.....however, to achieve the Medal of Honor, you have to display the traits that have just been described, and perhaps even more traits and capabilities.
The Medal of Honor is a commendation higher than the Distinguished Service Cross (see DSC).

*A WWII-genre videogame series, spanning different consoles & storylines, created by Steven Spielberg!
"To achieve the Medal of Honor would be an act of God."

"Medal of Honor is a kick-ass game. Call of Duty kicks ass too. ^-^ What both have in common is that they're educational. ^_^ "
by Dave June 29, 2004
America's highest decoration for valor in combat, awarded by the President. Less than 150 Medal Of Honor recipients are alive today.
Roger Donlon was the first guy to recieve the Medal Of Honor in Vietnam.
by Jim February 27, 2004
The first medal of honor was given in the civil war you dipshit
the medal of honor had been given out many many times befor vietnam you moron
by yankee September 24, 2005
A kick ass game that will beat Call of Duty Black ops.
I just played a game of Medal of Honor, and I think I just jizzed my pants
by dtgwesryhu54y June 26, 2010
A friend who is always willing to jump on a grenade (ugly friend) for you. When partying and you see a hot girl with an ugly friend, this person will always take the ugly friend to help you out.
Because he's got the Medal of Honor!
by dancej October 01, 2010
A medal awarded to soldiers who show great bravery or valor upon the field of battle. It is one of the highest awards given to soldiers, and is similar to the Nazi 'Knight's Cross'.
The army was giving away free Medals of Honor on D-Day.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
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