more educational bankruptcies
The ten o'clock news the other night reported meb
by CriostoirHulme August 05, 2005
Don't care; Shut up; You're lame

Mebs is a word you say to someone after they say something that is either lame, not funny, or just plain stupid. You can also Mebs someone if they just look lame or goofy. Also if someone says something in attempt to fish for compliments, you immediately Mebs them.
"I am so depressed, no one likes me. I wish I had friends."

"Mebs to your emo ass statement."
by B. Tiddies April 25, 2006
Short for "maybe" or "maybes".
Person A: Will you move back to York?
Person B: Mebs.
by greenrenegade March 31, 2011
An internet superhero. Who, With the help of over 9000 NBK will rule the world one day. He wears a kilt and fly's around the world.
by Mebland December 10, 2009
The Universal noun; Used in place of a noun, usually used to either freak other people out or so others don't know what you are talking about
WTF DUDE!!! Stop grabbing your meb like that in public!
by Racin' Randy October 05, 2009
Major Epic Bitch
Jamie you are such a MEB.
by TurdBurgular June 16, 2013
A way to apologize without actually saying that you are sorry.

*In my opinion, it's quite gangster, i said it to a friend one day and it just stuck. :)*

my bad
"why did you do just do that?!"
"Me B! Me B!"
by Cassie_Marie December 02, 2007
a person who is nice when needed to be but is willing to open up a can of woopasssss.
David was being really meb today. Who knows.
by JEkk November 25, 2006

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