A rarely seen or documented creature. It's existence was first discovered in 1998 in Boise, ID. They are about the size of a large Chimpanzee but mangier in appearance. When they walk, they "shamble". Their cry is a high pitched "MEEEEP!!". They are pack animals and have a rather violent temperament. They are smart enough to be trained to carry explosive vests and detonate them near their targets. Few people who have ever lived to see a Mebbit have lived to tell of them.
John: Hey Pat, today I sketched my rendition of a Mebbit training camp in the Himalayas.

Pat: Dude, be careful who sees that.

John: Come on man, we both know Mebbits aren't rea--

Mebbit: MEEEEP!!

by Spritel Keidel December 24, 2009

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