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The slobering of female lips upon the male genitalia. See also blowjob and oral sex, but those words aint as great.

The current meatsuck record holder is the ALMIGHTY RONALDINO with a flabergasting 4 times in about like 2 hours.

This amazing 2:1 ratio of meatsucks to hours has yet to be topped by even the most luxurious of niggers and playa haters.

For more information send me $5 and i'll fill you in on how it works.
Ya boy: "Yo did you get that meatsuck last night?"

The boss: "Bitch why you even asking me that question you know im the meatsuck record holder of USA, got that gold medal muthafucker."

Ya boy: "My apologies for offending your greatness"

The boss: Damn straight.

by SteelerfaninPeru August 26, 2008
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