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A 300lb rock star who has had hits in the seventies, eighties, nineties, and to some extent, naughties.
Now don't be sad...

'Cause two outta three ain't bad...
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
21 28
Letting one's love muscle go to waste.

Not using the ole trouser trout.

Also can be used as name for a cock.

as in,your meatloaf burning in her hot oven.
See ya later dude,
Don't let your meatloaf....and or...burn in the oven.
by NoLove_4_BS April 21, 2009
2 10
A very flabby dick.
Girl 1: Oh my god, I found out last night that my boyfriend has a chode!
Girl 2: Yeah, well I didn't 'want to tell anybody, but I recently discovered that my boyfriend has meatloaf! Should I break up with him?
Girl 1: Ew, I totally would...
by Jensen.Alika February 12, 2009
8 16
To recieve oral stimulation in a satisying and pleasing manner
Marty and Ryan enjoyed meatloaf at the dinner table, but not the edible kind

Eric is getting some meatloaf from Fredo
by Edmaster Funk September 27, 2005
31 39
homemade spam sent from an individual to his entire mailing list, usually jokes or pictures.
Ever since that dang noob got my address I get meatloaf every day.
by MaxRake May 31, 2005
25 33
the incredible, edible indie rock god known as anthony!
meatloaf served up some hot pre-release indie the other day. god praise his good name and bless him with the fruit of one thousand virgins
by meatloaf July 27, 2004
7 15
meatloaf a softcore gay pornstar named Joe. He has a xxx edition dvd of the fat britsh signer meatloaf. Joe aka meatloaf starred in these movies, "Burnt meat", Stale meat, and more loaf for the meat". He is a very gay man who loves "Protein shakes" freshly squuezed from dr.faggins(his bro).
dammnnn isnt that meatloaf the softcore pornstar.
by i dunni April 04, 2005
8 17
When a man's sack gets hot and sweaty and sticks to his gouch.
DAMN!!! Its so hot I've got some major meat loaf!
by GMSniper March 21, 2006
14 24