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1. Effort at the threshold of ability.

2. Intentionally choosing the path of greatest resistance in an effort to show off.

3. Intentionally choosing the path of greatest resistance because you can.
Matt: Would you have sex with a dude for a million bucks?
Charles: Yeah, but I'd have to meat it.


Dave: I know it's a nice day and all, but do you really think you should be swimming upstream in those rapids? There's a perfectly dry trail right next to it.

Paul (swimming effortlessly): Eat my dick.
by bein' a meat September 21, 2009
5 2
1) The male sex organ
2) A substitution for any other noun verb or adjective
1)Who wants to see my meat?
2)Hey you little meat you just meated all over my meat!
by Trey February 29, 2004
976 370
1) Muscle used for food.
2) A phallus.
1) That meat sure looks appetizing!
2) That meat sure looks appetizing!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters May 27, 2003
636 228
A man's penis.
When in heat, beat your meat.
by Noxis December 02, 2003
588 263
Verb: To give someone the meat. To engage in coitus. To stuff a vagina with your cack.
You: Hey baby i'll meat you later at your place.
Her: Ok (thinking you mean meet)

You arrive at her place with your pants off and a fullon hardon and meat the hell out of her.
by flipynif September 16, 2005
288 188
-someone who is the recipiant of a nastly two-strike breaking pitch in the dirt for strike three and is sent back to the dugout in shame.
(Manny Ramirez swings and misses at Tim Lincecum's 12-6 curve ball)
-Grab some pine, meat.
by cgp24 September 21, 2009
170 95
a male sex organ
He Beats his meat
by Vanessa December 27, 2002
143 99
a way to refer to someone new (fresh meat) who doesn't know what's going on. derogatory.
Comon MEAT, wake the fuck up and get up with the rest of us.
by patch May 27, 2004
79 50