Top Definition
To receive oral pleasures from a woman.

The act of placing your manhood in the mouth of a woman.

A blowjob.
Guy: "What's up? Can I come by and smash?

Girl: "No. I'm on my period; but you can come put some meat on the grill."

Guy: "Word! I'm on the way"
by Bigg Illanoyz March 17, 2008
A term used when you over commit on something. Lack of follow through or commitment. Empty promise. Expression comes from barbeque with friends. You always throw more meat on the grill then you intend to eat. Your eyes are bigger then your stomach. When your through cooking there is always leftover meat on the grill.
Erin always says she is going to go to the beach. Is she really coming or is this just meat on the grill.
by Stephen Pitt October 19, 2007
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