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Meanwood are cheating bastards.
1) Meanwood cheating cunts.
by David Beckham December 19, 2004
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"Meanwood are a 5-a-side mens league team that competes at Goals in Leeds", all you need to define Meanwood.
Meanwood 14- FC/DC 4
by Daniel Gaunt April 21, 2005
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Meanwood, the most boring place in Leeds, it should be another word for boredom, it has nothing apart from a Netto supermarket and a few other shops. Rows of middle class houses after each other…boring…yawn.

Surprisingly, it’s also home of one of the most popular 5-a-side football teams…Meanwood Men F.C. who play in the Goals Mens league. They were previously 5 times winners of the Goals Youth League and have now made the step up. Meanwood Men are known to have a bad disciplinary record, I should know…I’ve sent a few of them off.
Another player is sent off from Meanwood.
by ??? April 06, 2005
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A team that plays in the Mens league at Goals, Leeds. Former 5 times winners of the youth league. Current players include: Anthony Mckieth (the best), Richard Bissitt, Gafa, Woody, Dean Bell, and a Turk called Aydan Fertug.
Meanwood win again in the MENS league.
by Anthony April 03, 2005
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Meanwood is a word deriving from Leeds. There are two distinct origins of the word. Firstly, the place Meanwood in Leeds is often associated an area of woodland known locally as The Ridge and twentieth-century council housing, which gives the place itself a diverse reputation. People from Meanwood can often have a reputation for being a bit rough.

Secondly, the word Meanwood is heavily associated with the areas somewhat successful five-a-side football team, Meanwood F.C. They had a reputation for foul play and for being a bit rough.

These origins have lead to people accusing those as rough or hard as being a “Meanwood Man”.
He is acting like a Meanwood Man.
by Charlie Kayeffsee April 04, 2006
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The village of Meanwood,is a valley area in Leeds, between Woodhouse, Headingley and Moortown. A Celtic settlement, historically, but a discovery of a flint axe head, during an excavation on Stonegate Road, dates population of the area, back to the Neolithic (New Stone Age)period.
The name Meanwood defines fom "The Common Wood"
Also "Mean" wood also ascribed to the nature of the people who dwelt there, such as rogues, footpads, villains.
by Giovanni Feliciello June 15, 2008
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